Pyramid: Previous 'Present' Issues

Many Pyramid issues focused on a roughly "modern" theme – which includes today, the not-too-distant future, and the not-yet-forgotten past. (In GURPS terms, this is anything from TL5 to early TL8.) This is where any modern or near-modern genre material would be set, including supers, cliffhangers, and horror-based espionage. It also covers topics suitable for many types of gaming – genres such as martial arts, resources like cinematic locations, and settings such as Infinite Worlds.

Pyramid #4/02: Modern/Action I

Pyramid #4/02: Modern/Action I

Get ready for action! This issue of Pyramid offers 12 articles and features of interest to modern and near-modern gamers, including material for GURPS Action, real-world resources and locations, steampunk monsters, and even an assortment of ready-to-use vehicles complete with GURPS stats. The world outside your window has never been more exciting!

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Sample Articles

What kind of articles were in issues of Pyramid with modern-era themes? Try these sample articles and see!

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