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Illuminated Site of The Week Every day we post new news to the Daily Illuminator. Usually this is SJ Games news, but occasionally we like to spotlight some of the more interesting, weird, or otherwise Illuminated sites elsewhere on the web. So we've started the Illuminated Site of the Week listing, to showcase those other sites. We even have a little logo for the winners, if they feel like adding it to their page . . . but unlike other Cool-this or Top-that sites, we're stingy with our awards . . . we don't give them out to every site under the sun, and if you steal the logo and you didn't properly win it, we'll send the Men in Black after you . . .

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December 3, 2011: Illuminated Site of the Week: Bared-Bones Conspiracy

Illuminated Site of the Week:

Pay no attention to the people who say that evolution isn't real or that men once rode dinosaurs: David Wozney explains how the mighty lizards may never have existed at all in Dinosaurs: Science Or Science Fiction. Using everything from poor judgment to plaster casts, have paleontologists constructed in their own minds (and in several museum displays) flights of fancy that do a disservice to real science? Have carbon dating and fossil studies been a waste of precious decades? He even goes to the trouble of offering alternative theories about possible mentions of same in the Bible, should those be muddying the, uhm . . . historic? . . . waters for anyone. If true, it may represent one of the greatest conspiracy frauds ever perpetrated on mankind - certainly the biggest one built from chicken bones, anyway.
-- Suggested by Doctor Atlantis


September 17, 2011: Illuminated Site of the Week: Love Never Dies

Illuminated Site of the Week:

To know the true meaning of love, the sort of affection between two people who will do anything for each other, one need only hear the touching story of Juliana and Benjamin. Many of us face tests in the early stages of a relationship, but their tale is one of perseverance, trust, and bravery. Something this undying inspires us all.
-- Suggested by Scott Slemmons

August 14, 2011: Illuminated Site of the Week: This Site May Change Your Mind

Illuminated Site of the Week:

Though only figuratively . . . at this stage. Cyborgs aren't just the stuff of "Ah-nold's" films; they're happening here and now. Ever stopped to think your cellphone is the electronic equivalent of a crying, hungry child? Or that God is what happens when life maximizes its complexity? The learned folks at Cyborg Anthropology have. What else can you call it when people start sticking increasingly involved technological devices onto, or into, their bodies? You may expand your horizons, your definitions, or your disbelief, but you'll think differently about the computer you use to visit the site . . .
-- Andy

June 5, 2011: Illuminated Site of the Week: "These People Have The Brains Of Squid"

Illuminated Site of the Week:

So said Dave Barry, but could that be a good thing? Ask the folks at Squid A Day. In a world where an octopus named Paul can call the sports winners, is it so hard to think our squishy brethren of the sea might know a whole lot that we don't? Their ink may heal or improve blood vessels, they get their eggs into space for research . . . Face it, however much fun we have with squid, dedicated and singleminded blogger Danna Staaf is having even more.

-- Paul Chapman

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