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January 31, 2013: Shout Out From Daniel At Ogre Command!

::NAC command to all divisions: Reinforcements have arrived from the Eurozone::

One of the many unexpected consequences of the "catastrophic success" of the Ogre Designer's Edition Kickstarter campaign last April was how the daily stretch goal promises generated a lot of extra work. Thankfully for all concerned, one of the goals was to hire a new Line Editor.

At just over half a million dollars in pledges, that was achieved. At that point I had been involved in the project (along with my friend Chris Tham) as one of the fan organizers of the Mercenary Counter Sheets. I sent off an application, and was flabbergasted when Steve replied inviting me to come over to help out with Ogre.

I arrived at Ogre Command in Austin bright-eyed and bushy-tailed about three weeks ago, and am already knee deep in Ogre stuff. I'm loving it, and look forward to serving all you fans out there!

P.S. Check out my shiny new blog: "OGRE: How a Giant Cybernetic Tank Changed My Life."

-- Daniel Jew


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