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Conspiracy! Conspiracy! Conspiracy!

Follow the links to pages with detailed information about each game.

Secret conspiracies are trying to take over the world. You probably knew that already. We can say no more . . . THEY are listening . . .

Illuminati Second Edition They are all around us. Secret conspiracies are everywhere. In Illuminati, you increase your wealth and power to take over the world until only YOU reign supreme.

Now, this classic game of conspiracy and world conquest has been updated to include current events and up-to-date references! Illuminati is for two to six players and contains 110 cards with new card back designs. It features new art created by Lar deSouza, known for his 2008 Shuster Award-winning online comic Least I Could Do.

As a winner of the Origins Award for Best Science Fiction Boardgame, Illuminati is one of the all-time greats. Now that it has been modernized for the 21st century, you'll wonder whether it's really only a game as you scheme your way to world domination!

Alternative Truths Cover

Ancient artifacts, New World Orders, and misleading headlines abound! Bring a heaping helping of disinformation to your game with the Alternative Truths expansion.

GURPS conspiracy books Men in Black, esoteric phenomena, and High Weirdness – we've published a wide variety of books on conspiracies, complete with GURPS mechanics, and free of subliminal messages . . . right?

Explore a magical organization that influences multiple worlds in Cabal. Build your own puppet masters based on actual history with Illuminati. Discover what's in The Crates Man Was Not Meant To Open with Warehouse 23.

Just remember: you're only roleplaying a paranoid.

Suppressed Transmission Suppressed Transmission is an anthology of Kenneth Hite's wildly popular column of conspiratorial musings and High Weirdness, which appeared weekly in Pyramid Magazine. This anthology of "Suppressed Transmission's" first year contains 34 of those original columns and more, including annotations, "stuff Ken left out," and an extensive bibliography. Kenneth Hite is back with more proof that Everything Is A Conspiracy Waiting To Happen in Suppressed Transmission 2.

Principia Discordia The Principia Discordia is the bible of Discordianism . . . the worship of Eris, the goddess of Chaos. This great "cult classic" first appeared in 1965. Our edition adds 20 pages of new material, as revealed by Eris to her faithful worshipers when they probably should have been mowing the lawn or something.

The Fnorder Our first iPhone project. It's free! We created it for practice, for fun, and to further the plots of the Secret Masters. The Fnorder brings you messages from the Illuminati . . . encoded information and instructions for world conquest, for your eyes only. This is all for real! Honest!

Use it to boggle your friends . . . or ask it for help when you need to make a decision. Think of it as the I Ching for paranoids.

The following games are out of print . . . that is, we are completely out, and have no current plans to reprint them. The best way to find a copy of an out-of-print game is to check eBay or contact a dealer in out-of-print games.

Conspiracy Theory

It's 2017 and everyone is talking about . . . conspiracies.

In this new game from Illuminati designer Steve Jackson, each player takes turns acting as the Judge to read a card outlining a conspiracy. Then the other players choose from their own cards, competing to create the wildest, silliest, or most believable theory. Every turn, each player tries to convince the table, and the Judge, that THEIR conspiracy is the truth. Fun for everyone who is old enough to read the news and wise enough to know that there's more they're not telling you . . . Now YOU get to decide what's behind those stories.

Illuminati: New World Order INWO is the trading-card version of Illuminati. It won the Origins Award for Best Card Game of 1994. Hundreds of different cards are available, and two expansion sets. If you like deck-building games, you may find this is your preferred way to take over the world.

INWO SubGenius is a hundred-card non-collectible set. Play using only the SubGenius set, or combine the cards with any other INWO cards.

Illuminati 2020 Cover 2020 was a year with a lot going on. So many notable events that affected things around the world, almost like someone was controlling things. Will it be you? Get Illuminati 2020 and manipulate your own 2020.

Eye-in-Pyramid Shot Glass The warm glow you get after drinking from this shot glass may be Illumination. Or it may not be; it depends on what you're drinking . . .

The Eye-in-Pyramid Shot Glass features the classic symbol of illumination on a 1.5 oz black glass, perfect for [FNORD] across the [REDACTED] or taking [CENSORED] when you're [FORGETABOUTIT]. Or you could just drink out of it.

Illuminati Pins Our vast line of Illuminati Pins lets you discreetly signal your position in the global power structure.

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