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Card Games

Follow the links to pages with detailed information about each game.

All you need is a deck of cards . . . and maybe a die or two. Oh, and some friends! (But you've already got those.)


Our hottest game for decades has been Munchkin. Go down in the dungeon. Kill everything you see. Take all the treasure. Backstab your friends and steal their stuff. First one to Level 10 wins!

Whatever your favorite style of game is – science fiction, zombies (with you as the zombies!), Lovecraftian horror, or end-of-the-world adventure – there's probably a Munchkin set to support it! Check the Munchkin Games page to stay up to date on all our Munchkin releases!

Illuminati Second Edition They are all around us. Secret conspiracies are everywhere. In Illuminati, you increase your wealth and power to take over the world until only YOU reign supreme.

Now, this classic game of conspiracy and world conquest has been updated to include current events and up-to-date references! Illuminati is for two to six players and contains 110 cards with new card back designs. It features new art created by Lar deSouza, known for his 2008 Shuster Award-winning online comic Least I Could Do.

As a winner of the Origins Award for Best Science Fiction Boardgame, Illuminati is one of the all-time greats. Now that it has been modernized for the 21st century, you'll wonder whether it's really only a game as you scheme your way to world domination!

Alternative Truths Cover

Ancient artifacts, New World Orders, and misleading headlines abound! Bring a heaping helping of disinformation to your game with the Alternative Truths expansion.

Super Kitty Bug Slap

The fastest paws win!

Grab the coolest cats you can find for some bug-slappin' action in this speedy card game of swift thinking and quick paws! Super Kitty Bug Slap is a fast-paced game that lets 3 to 5 players see who has the most skills. When the game ends, the coolest kitty with the most cards wins!

Spooks Spooks is a fast-playing party game. The first player to empty his hand escapes the haunted house . . . and the spooks get everybody else! Spooks is easy to learn, so kids will enjoy it too. You don't have to outrun the monsters . . . if you can outrun your friends.

Bad Christmas

Bad Christmas
The Family Game of Awful Presents

There are some strange things in the gift exchange this year. A tuna-flavored candy cane? A wind-up fruitcake? An inflatable birdhouse?

They may be horrible . . . but some of them are just what YOU want! Pick your favorites and try to get them as fast as you can, because the game might end at any time . . .

What do you want for Christmas?

Mighty Monsters Munchkin Mighty Monsters is a fast-playing card game based in the world of Steve Jackson's best-selling Munchkin. You and your monster buddies are hanging out in the dungeon, just waiting to wallop some munchkins . . . but there are just too many of them! Play cards by matching either the rank or color of the last card played. Be careful – if you get stuck and can't play a card, bad stuff happens – the munchkins wallop you instead! Get walloped too often, and the munchkins defeat you . . . the first player that gets defeated three times loses the game, and everyone else wins!

SPANC Gather your crew of space pirate amazon ninja catgirls (aka SPANC), and embark on Capers to gather Loot and Toys, all illustrated by Phil Foglio!

The following games are out of print . . . that is, we are completely out, and have no current plans to reprint them. The best way to find a copy of an out-of-print game is to check eBay or contact a dealer in out-of-print games.

Simon's Cat Card Game Meow! You play as a pet in Simon's Cat, a fast-paced card game for 3 to 6 players featuring adorable art taken directly from animator and illustrator Simon Tofield's hit YouTube series, Simon's Cat. Go around the table playing cards to escape Simon's attention. Get caught and you get Blame. Get too much Blame and you get fed last. No one wants that!

Port Royal

Will you become the richest, most notorious merchant in Port Royal? Or will you end up with an empty cargo hold?

At last: The award-winning game of competing pirate-merchants is available in the U.S.!

Players vie to hire the best Admirals, Sailors, Traders, and Mademoiselles to expand and fortify their vast shipping empires! On your turn, you'll push your luck to amass the most wealth or to hire the best characters – but if you push it too far, you get nothing, so be wary.

Chez Geek: House Party Edition Chez Geek is the game of apartment life. Will your roommates drive you crazy . . . or will you drive them crazy first? Illustrated by John Kovalic, this won the Origins Award for Best Traditional Card Game in 2000. The current version, Chez Geek: House Party Edition, combines the original game and its first two expansions into one deluxe set! There's also Slack to the Future, which brings the insanity of the Internet Age to your game, as if you didn't have enough problems.

Other games in the Chez line put a new spin on living with roommates. Chez Goth serves up the Chez lifestyle with extra angst and lots of eyeliner! In Chez Guevara, you and your roommates all follow the Glorious Leader, camp out in the jungle, and try to Slack your way back to civilization! And in Chez Cthulhu, everyone goes mad as they plumb the depths of the Mythos in search of Slack!

I Hate Zombies Do you hate zombies? You should! In I Hate Zombies you'll be a survivor or a zombie vying for dominance in that sport of kings . . . Rock, Paper, Scissors! This fast-paced Kickstarter favorite created by BoardGameGeek boasts an exciting 10-minute experience for 2-12 players. In this treacherous party game, two teams fight for survival: zombies and the remaining humans who hate them.

Car Wars: The Card Game Car Wars: The Card Game is an easy-to-learn introduction to the wild world of autoduelling, played entirely with six giant full-color car cards and 110 full-color playing cards. Shoot up your friends, maneuver to avoid their attacks . . . all with cards! And it's complete in one box . . . no collecting!

Burn In Hell Each player in Burn In Hell tries to assemble the tastiest combinations (called "Circles") of history's sinners. Collect groups of Mass Murderers, Cannibals, or even Clerics . . .

Each card includes a great Greg Hyland caricature and a biography of the soul. Players will have a lot of fun reading (and arguing) about why each of these people was invited to the Permanent Pitchfork Party.

Battle Cattle: The Card Game Battle Cattle: The Card Game! America's finest beefsteak puts on armor, grabs the big guns, and goes at it hoof and horn. It includes six full-color cow cards, 110 full-color playing cards, and short, easy rules. Fast, fun, quick to learn . . . and your foes are hamburger. Combine it with Car Wars: The Card Game . . . take your hot rod out to the pasture and go gunning for Bossy . . . but remember, Bossy shoots back!

Chez Dork Chez Dork lets you and your friends (up to 6 people) enter the world of John Kovalic's award-winning Dork Tower. Collect games, cards, and other geeky treasures faster than your friends to win.

Cowpoker Cowpoker lets two to four players become ranchers, rustling each others' cattle and hiring away each others' cowpokes. Recruit the wacky characters into your Ranch for points and bonuses, and collect them in tricks from the roundups and shootouts. Once all the cards are taken, make poker hands to score additional points! Every card can be used at least two different ways, so there's strategy as well as luck.

Dino Hunt Dino Hunt lets you travel to prehistoric times to hunt dinosaurs . . . and bring 'em back alive! This is a family game for two or more players, age 8 and up. Dino Hunt features over a hundred different dinosaurs. Each oversized card has full-color art from some of the best dinosaur artists in the world. The back of each card has accurate scientific data about the dinosaur!

Give Me The Brain You think working in a fast-food restaurant is hell? This place is worse. All the employees are zombies (that includes you). The jobs are repetitive and gross. The customers ask stupid questions. And all the zombies have to share a single brain . . . and they keep dropping it on the floor.

In Give Me The Brain, all the players are zombies, shuffling and moaning through their horrible jobs. Whoever gets rid of all his jobs first will win. Every turn, you can do a couple of things . . . and, if you're sneaky, you can also push a job or two onto the other players.

The catch? Some jobs actually require a brain . . . and there's only one in the whole restaurant . . . and the zombies keep dropping it.

Hacker Hacker is the Computer Crime Card Game. It was inspired by the 1990 Secret Service raid on SJ Games. Players compete to infiltrate and take over various systems on the Net. This one won the Origins Award for Best Modern-Day Boardgame of 1992. (Again, even though it's a card game. Go figure.)

Illuminati: New World Order INWO is the trading-card version of Illuminati. It won the Origins Award for Best Card Game of 1994. Hundreds of different cards are available, and two expansion sets. If you like deck-building games, you may find this is your preferred way to take over the world.

INWO SubGenius is a hundred-card non-collectible set. Play using only the SubGenius set, or combine the cards with any other INWO cards.

Illuminati: Crime Lords Illuminati: Crime Lords is based on the Illuminati system. It's not a supplement, but a separate stand-alone game created by Steve Jackson. Rival mobs battle for control of the city. Take over the rackets, rake in the dough, and rub out the opposition. It's the American dream.

Ghosts Love Candy

It's Halloween – and you're a ghost who loves candy!

Haunt trick-or-treaters so they'll leave you their sugary treats – collect more than your spectral opponents, and you win! But don't scare the costumed kids too much, or they'll run away – and that means less candy for you!

Pay special attention to the kids' unique powers, too; each one is themed to their Halloween costume. May the savviest spook win!

The ghost, kid, and candy cards feature frighteningly adorable art. This is the cutest game you've ever played about a haunting! It's scary, fast-playing fun for three to six phantoms.

Nanuk Winter is coming. All the hunters boasted of their prowess, but you boasted the loudest. Now you have to deliver . . .

In Nanuk, each player bids for how long he can stay on the trail and how much he will bring home. Each boast must be greater than the one before, until one hunter refuses to raise the bid, saying "You're doomed!" Then the hunt begins. Will the hunt leader make good on his boast, or will the doomers be right? Every player decides secretly to help . . . or to let it fail.

Beware Nanuk, the great polar bear, who can end any hunt in failure. If you find an inuksuk, it will protect you – once. If the hunt is successful, the hunters share the animals collected. But if the hunt fails, the doomers score instead.

Nanuk is a fast-playing, highly social game of bidding and bluffing for 5 to 8 players.

Ninja Burger Ninja Burger pits you against your fellow trainees in a new Ninja Burger store. Learn the secrets of stealth, swordsmanship, and customer service. Fight for honor, respect, big tips, and that coveted promotion . . .

This new, deluxe edition combines the original Ninja Burger with the cards from the supplement, Sumo-Size Me! and adds counters for tracking honor and money.

It's fast-moving. It's fun. You get to be a ninja. What more can you ask from a game?

King's Blood King's Blood is a fast-paced multi-player card game of dynasty building. Build the family tree by arranging marriages, exiling rivals, and crowning new royalty. Match a character with a compatible member of the opposite sex, and start a new generation. Play the last family member from your hand, and you've won!

King's Blood was originally published by Kadokawa Shoten in Japan. Steve Jackson Games is proud to offer the authorized English translation of this fast, fun game.

Lord of the Fries Welcome to Friedey's, the Fast Food Restaurant of the Damned!

Combine frighteningly generic ingredients like "Sauce" and "Drink." Build orders like Penne for Your Tots and Sheep wit' da Fishes. Play from eight different menus, including the classic Friedey's Restaurant and the new McPubihan's. But be quick – the customer is waiting!

Whoever fills the best orders gets the most points, and the zombie with the most points becomes . . . the Lord of the Fries!


Tio Rico's up to his old tricks!

You and your friends are looking for the Dia de los Muertos celebration. But grumpy Tio Rico hates the noise and lights of Dia de los Muertos, so he stole the signs pointing to the party. Luckily, the Muertoons can show you the way. Play the numbered cards in the right order; the first person to discard all their cards leads their friends to the Dia de los Muertos celebration!

Ogre: Objective 218 Ogre: Objective 218 is a fast-playing card game set in the Ogre world of futuristic armored warfare, with gameplay based on the classic fan-favorite The Battle for Hill 218. Supertanks, GEVs, and infantry slug it out to defend supply lines and keep pressure on your enemy. It's a portable two-player experience that takes less than 30 minutes.

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