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Suppressed Transmission

What People Are Saying About Suppressed Transmission

"An imaginative, witty and highly entertaining compendium of columns from Steve Jackson's 'Pyramid' Magazine. Hite's wildly imaginative theories on alternate histories, conspiracies and fantastic creatures are designed to provide material for role-playing game scenarios, but make for fine reading in themselves. Drawing from a wide range of sources, Hite explores numerous topics close to the fortean heart, providing a seemingly unlimited range of possible explanations for each. So, for example, we have Roswell, the Jesuit connection and Spring Heeled Jack as undead aristocratic super vigilante, amongst many others. We can't help thinking that Fort, who features on the cover, would approve."
– Emma Aves, Fortean Times 140 (Dec 2000), p. 56

"If inspiration for adventures is what you get . . . I want to be in your campaign. A great time-killer for those into the weird obscurities."
– Ethan Blaylock, Games Unplugged

"Okay. Slow down. First things first. Suppressed Transmission is a column in Steve Jackson Games' Pyramid Online Magazine. This book is a collection of Hite's columns from Pyramid, each three or four pages in length, with new illustrations, footnotes (great footnotes), and something called a "Bibliophany," which is like a Bibliography's no-good drunken half-brother. The columns themselves cover Horror, Alternate History, Secret History, and Conspiracy. Almost all of the game material is discussed in GURPS terms, but it's not necessary to play GURPS to get a lot of use out of this book – I don't. If you like your alternate history with an edge of madness, it doesn't matter what games you play – ST is obscure enough to be used everywhere."
– James Holloway, review

"Suppressed Transmission: the First Broadcast is the first collection of Ken Hite's weekly column from Pyramid magazine, not coincidentally titled Suppressed Transmission. The column is a discussion of hidden history, conspiracy theory, alternate history, and High Weirdness. The not-at-all insane Ken Hite proves what the inestimable Rev. Stang tells us: it's all connected – and, incidentally, it also makes for some good gaming. You want aliens? They're in here, and they're connected to faeries, the Merovingian bloodline, the Templars, Satanism, and Coca-Cola in one way or another."
– Kevin Mowery, review

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