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Last updated April 30, 2007

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Beleth's and Blandine's Servitors may not take celestial form while on earth. How do they every ascend without incurring dissonance (since they must first attain celestial form before ascending)?

Once within a Tether, they may ascend safely, without dissonance. Also, if they sleep and ascend to the celestial realm via the Towers of Dreams or Nightmares, they may dissolve their vessels back into potentiality. See Superiors 3. Kyriotates may also reach the Marches via sleeping within a host.
Last checked on 6/1/05


Do Kyriotates of Stone's vessels look like rock?

Yup. Not terribly subtle if you are moving around, but you can hold perfectly still and play "statue," if you wish. Few Kyriotates of Stone bother to put fabric clothing on their vessels - the vessel either has stone clothing, or it has none.
Last checked on 6/1/05


Can you explain teh Heavenly Judgment Servitor Attunement in more detail?

The sword will attack any being who can be judged (including celestials, but possibly skipping over Remnants and corpses animated with the Zombi attunement). Armor (and dodging) will affect the damage done. The attack will affect both corporeal and celestial forms and do the appropriate damage in either form. If the being switches forms, the sword will continue to attack for the appropriate damage type. Escape to another plane of existance will negate the attack (there's a certain amount of GM-moderated lag time here. . . so just popping up to the ethereal and back again the next round won't work). The sword will pass harmlessly through any barrier to attack the judged being; this does not include armor. . . there has to be room for the sword to materialize and swing! Still, the sword might start hacking through inanimate defenses to get at the miscreant.
Last checked on 6/1/05


How/why do Eli's Rites work?

The basis of the sex Rite is not that procreation will occur, it's that ties are being created between two beings. Uncaring sex is not good enough for this Rite (that's Lust), but same-sex couplings would be valid. As this is a sensitive issue, many GMs might depart from canon on this . . . ask first.
For the '3 precision skills checks' - this is because Artistry was originally a Precision skill. The revised version is "artistic or craft skills." Some current Precision skills are arguably Creation-y (such as Electronics Engineering or Medicine), and a sufficiently artistic weapons display might also work.
Last checked on 6/1/05


The Servitor Attunement Smite says it has a +1 to accuracy. I thought Attunements didn't require a roll?

They don't and Smite does, indeed, hit automatically, but it can be dodged.
Last checked on 6/1/05

The Servitor Attunement Dance of the Atoms is not very clear. What's the real story?

"Ambient" refers, in general, to the "air temperature" of an area. You can only change it by up to the (10 degrees times Corporeal Forces) maximum. Things in the area heat up or cool down depending on the difference between their current temperature and the ambient temperature. E.g., You have a pitcher of water in an area and the ambient temperature is raised 40 degrees. Eventually the water will heat up to the "room temperature." If the attunement is released, the ambient temperature will revert immediately, but the heated up stuff in the area will still have to cool off. If the angel stops concentrating, the ambient temperature reverts immediately. Even casual concentration is probably good enough as long as the angel doesn't get distracted (combat is a distraction!) too badly. Very hot or very cold ambient temperatures will eventually kill someone. . . just very slowly!
Last checked on 6/1/05

Do Servitors of Gabriel gain dissonance while in Heaven for not punishing their assigned class of sinners?

Gabriel's Servitors are required to punish anyone currently in the "hot spot." After that one is done, they must punish the next one that they meet - they don't have to go back and whittle down the queue (though most Gabrielites tend to do so). Between those two times, they are free to do as they will. If someone is currently targeted as the next target, going up to Heaven will not protect them from dissonance!
Last checked on 6/2/05


Do Servitors of Janus gain dissonance if they are held in one place against their will for more than three days?

Yes. The Wind that stops, dies. The Wind that can be chained. . . is it Wind at all? (Add angst to taste.)

Remember, if you're willing to accept Discord, only an Infernal Intervention is likely to skip right to the Heart-cracking. Your friends know where to find your Heart, right?
Last checked on 6/2/05

Does cycling between a few select sites every three days count for avoiding dissonance?

Last checked on 6/2/05


Can a Servitor of Jordi use "non-animalish" means of destruction while in animal form and still avoid disturbance?

Yes, but remember, servants of Jordi are unlikely to use technological means to do anything. Perhaps a wolf might grab a flaming branch from a fire and deposit on top of a box of dynamite, but a chimp of Jordi would avoid grabbing an uzi and blasting away with it. Any player who stoops to such "game-weaseling" should not be surprised if the GM decides to impose dissonance or other penalties based on the level of Jordi's displeasure.
Last checked on 6/2/05


Can someone with Yves' Library Card Attunement (Heaven & Hell, p. 33) waltz into Kronos' Archives or Asmodeus' record rooms?

If you can somehow make it down there, sure! This is not to say that the librarians will necessarily "wave you through," or that your presence won't pass unnoticed. Also remember that much of the data in Hell, especially in Hades, is likely to be written in Helltongue.

And Princes tend to take notice of those who show up in their Domains. Sometimes they drop by to chat.
Last checked on 6/2/05

Demon Princes


The French and German games of INS/MV had Demon Princes for Cold, Ocean and Illness/Plagues. Will they be introduced in forthcoming supplements?

The French game-world includes, by now, more than 100 Superiors. Not all will make it into our version. We will be introducing some new ones in supplements, and explaining why some of the others are no longer part of the Symphony . . .

(For instance, Makatiel, the Renegade Prince of Disease, was destroyed by Dominic and Asmodeus working together. Vephar, the Prince of the the Oceans, was destroyed by the Archangel of the Waters, Oannes, who was so wounded that Belial was able to kill him in turn.)
Last checked on 6/2/05

Some Demon Princes give "gifts" for free that are normally bought with character points (Nybbas gives out Servants, Lilim of Nybbas get free levels of Role and Status). How are these bought to higher levels?

Pay the difference between the "free" level and what the higher level would normally cost.
Last checked on 6/2/05


If a demon of the Game has multiple Band Attunements, does that let it sense Bands other than its own?

Yes, and the dissonance they contain as well (on a successful Perception roll, of course). Remember that each Band Attunement allows one to detect a different sort of demon.

As a further note, the GM should remember to decide and inform the players whether this Perception roll is an active or passive one - i.e., does the player have to announce that it is being used, or does the GM roll every now and then and nod sagely if it doesn't trigger?
Last checked on 6/2/05

To perform Dissonance Binding, must the victim have dissonance?

Last checked on 6/2/05

Can a demon avoid using Asmodeus' 2 Essence basic Rite to avoid drawing his attention?

Yes, they can choose only to regenerate 1 Essence, avoiding the Rite. Those trying to avoid the gaze of the Game needs all the help they can get!

For someone who was a Gamester for a long time, the GM might want to have a Precision or Intelligence roll to remember not to take the extra Essence, though.
Last checked on 6/2/05

How do Servitors of Asmodeus get back Essence when using the Humanity attunement?

A common tactic is to allow the attunement to lapse at sundown, garner Essence, and then put it back up immediately - but as a human, normal Rites and dusk-Esence don't show up.

Another tactic is to have a partner share Essence, if the GM allows this.
Last checked on 6/2/05

Does Asmodeus have to be personally present to trigger his dissonance conditions on his Servitors?

Nope. Phone, Celestial Song of Tongues . . . Indeed, he could issue a blanket announcement on national television and any of his Servitors who heard it would have to obey. Note to GMs: Asmodeus is the Prince of the Game. Keep this in mind anytime a Servitor of his tries to weasel out of his dissonance conditions. Asmodeus can put the best of human lawyers to shame and you can be sure that any orders (or group of orders) will be obvious if he wishes it to be.
Last checked on 6/2/05

Do I get another Role each time I buy another Band Attunement from Asmodeus?

No; the original text was unclear, but the points toward a Role and skillsare a one-time thing (unless you really please the Prince) -- a perk for being a Servitor of the Game and not an attunement at all. Among other reasons, it would quickly become difficult to maintain more than one Role! (See the Liber Servitorum for more discussion about the nitty-gritty of Roles, and how they can degrade . . .)

Note that paper identities, that do not have the Symphonic influence of a Role, are perfectly fine and the GM may even grant them as freebies, or charge only token points if they're particularly useful and well-done false papers. (And if the GM permits, the Role of "Spy With Multiple Identities" may be taken . . .)
Last checked on 5/10/07


Beleth's and Blandine's Servitors may not take celestial form while on earth. How do they every ascend without incurring dissonance (since they must first attain celestial form before ascending)?

Deja vu! As with Blandine's Servitors. . .

Once within a Tether, they may ascend safely, without dissonance. Also, if they sleep and ascend to the celestial realm via the Towers of Dreams or Nightmares, they may dissolve their vessels back into potentiality. See Superiors 3. Kyriotates may also reach the Marches via sleeping within a host.
Last checked on 6/2/05


Because, techically, she's still human, wouldn't this mean that Lilith only makes disturbance like a Soldier (rather than like a celestial)?

Indeed. The other time she's makes a noise different from a regular human is when she manifests from the ethereal or celestial planes. This does use the standard "Superior Manifesting" disturbance.
Last checked on 6/2/05


How much Essence do Impudites of Vapula, using the gadget he gives them, detect from one vessel of a Kyriotate?

The entire amount the Kyriotate has! This means 9 for a starting character who is full up. Kyriotataes of Jean would be well-advised to hand off their Essence to friends before possessing things near Vapulan Impudites, because the demons tend to panic when a wall or their computer develops Essence.
Last checked on 6/2/05


Can a Balseraph of Kronos duplicate a redeemed Bright Lilim's resonance?

Not that anyone's ever seen. [Simple canon answer: no, but certainly modifiable from campaign to campaign.]
Last checked on 6/2/05

Can Fated Future be used on celestials?

This is a hazy area that we leave to the GM's judgement. In some campaign this (and Yves' Divine Destiny), work out that the fate is to Fall/become a Demon Prince/etc. (or to redeem, get a Word, etc.). In others, it only works on mortals, or only humans, and is therefore a good nonhuman detector. . . Well, it's a good detector anyway, unless the GM is very tricky at wording all fates and destinies.
Last checked on 6/2/05


What are the rules for switching Superiors?

If you're on "extended loan" (in service to) a different Superior, you keep your old Choir/Band Attunements and dissonance conditions. You may earn Servitor Attunements or Rites from your new Superior, but rarely his Band/Choir Attunements - and then, only for your own Choir/Band.

Exception: Servitors of Creation in service to other Superiors can (with GM permission) pay 5 points to get their Choir's Choir Attunement from that Superior. They cannot buy other Choir/Band attunements from any Superior but Eli.

If you're actually changing Superiors, you lose all Choir/Band Attunements from the old Superior (save that for your own Choir/Band), but gain your Choir/Band Attunement from the new one. Dissonance conditions also swap (out with the old, in with the new) as your nature is retuned to that Word.

If the parting was amicable, you may retain Servitor Attunements and/or Distinctions from the previous Superior. If not, then you'll probably lose them (and the points you paid for them, unless the GM is being kind and says your new Superior will eventually give you equivalent bennies); this includes your own Choir/Band Attunement! (Transfer to Yves' service from Michael's, and you probably lose it all. . . )

[GMs may place the points from lost attunements into a "pool," and draw any cost for subsequent "replacement" attunements from that pool, if they want to. Or not, if they don't.]

Free Lilim can acquire Lilim Band Attunements from anyone they want (with the GM's permission, at 5 points per attunement), but not attunements for other Bands/Choirs. They can acquire Servitor Attunements. They may even acquire Distinctions, but that's very rare.

Bound Lilim can acquire other Band/Choir Attunements of their Superior, so long as they're not resonance restricted.

(A Bound who was once Free might have several Lilim Band Attunements and a few other Servitor Attunements, if the GM doesn't think this will cause hesadaches. GMs with headaches are encouraged to forbid this as a backstory.)
Last checked on 6/2/05

What happens to the servitors of dead Archangels/Demon Princes?

They go to serve other Superiors or become Outcast/Renegades. They keep special abilities (save Choir/Band Attunements but their own) but lose any Rites (which depend on a connection with the Superior).
Some Superiors would rather have an Orphan's unique Choir/Band Attunements, and will not actually re-tune the Orphan to a new Word. In Heaven, the GM may rule that a mourning Servitor might be left alone - but would not be given any Earth-side duties, and would be considered Outcast if it left Heaven.
Last checked on 6/2/05

Can former Servitors invoke a Fallen (or redeemed) Superior?

Yes, as long as the Superior chooses to "listen." There is no particular modifier except for the Superior's new invocation rituals. Usually the former Superior continues to listen to recruit old followers or destroy the traitorous. When it ceases to listen, there is a -10 modifier on the invocation roll.
Last checked on 6/2/05

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