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In Nomine FAQ - Celestials

Last updated April 30, 2007

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What happens to angels in Hell?

Since they can't disguise their celestial form, they are in deep, deep trouble (though to an inexperienced observer, Shedim and Kyriotates may look similar). They will probably be taken down pretty quickly unless they can escape. There's no innate reason when an angel can't be in Hell, though - they don't pick up dissonance or take Soul hits simply by being there. There is a certain amount of disturbance created which will probably bring a welcoming committee!
Last checked on 6/1/05

Where can I find all the core rules' check digit tables for angelic resonances? They're spread throughout the book and I hate flipping pages!

Here. Apparently it was done up around the time of GURPS In Nomine, and looks much like that book's page, but with check digits. (The Mercurian page reference has a small errata - the table it repeats is on p. 104 instead of p. 103, which is where the Mercurians' section begins.)
Last checked on 7/18/07


Do Cherubim lose their attuned attachments when in Trauma or do they continue to take dissonance? What about Cherubim of Wind, since they can't move around while in Trauma?

They don't de-attune while in Trauma and can continue to acquire dissonance, but only for the destruction/death of the attuned. Once out of Trauma, they get hit with the dissonance all at once (and should probably be allowed to convert it to Discord before making a single dissonance roll). An angel of the Wind in Heaven doesn't have to worry about the Wind's moving-around dissonance conditions; it's in its Archangel's Cathedral, which means the Wind is around them. On a similar note, demons in Trauma (such as servitors of Kobal or Malphas) don't have to worry about dissonance while in Trauma.
Last checked on 6/1/05, and I need to double-check the APG and other sources (such as GIN) to see if there's anything about the dissonance issue in canon.

If a Cherub is attuned to an object, can he tell when it leaves the current plane? Returns? Is he still attuned?

There is no automatic information gained unless the Cherub attempts to use his resonance. On a successful CD of 1-3, he knows the attuned has gone to another plane, on a 4-6, he knows what plane it has gone to. The attunement remains no matter where the object goes (unless it is completely destroyed).
Last checked on 6/1/05

If a Cherub of Destiny's attuned has a destiny to die, and the Cherub has detected this with Divine Destiny, is it dissonant to let the attuned person die at the appointed time?

Yes, but Yves is very likely to remove such dissonance immediately from any of his Servitors caught in such a situation.
Last checked on 6/1/05

If a Cherub's attuned becomes a Remnant, what happens?

It's the same as if the attuned had died, because he has. The vessel is just walking around with something resembling a personality.
Last checked on 6/1/05


Can Elohim show emotion? What about the Emote skill?

Yes. The dissonance comes when Elohim allows emotions to affect their judgment or actions. Showing emotions (or faking emotions with Emote) is not necessarily dissonant. There may even be times when it would be dissonant to hide emotions, or dissonant not to fake emotions. And there may be times when it would be dissonant to show emotions - it all depends on the situation.
Last checked on 6/1/05

Elohim of Yves don't need to make a resonance roll, so what's the check digit?

This has been changed in Superiors 3 (and should have been errata'ed elsewhere); the effective check digit is equal to the Elohite's Celestial Forces. They may roll normally if they want a better check digit.
Last checked on 6/1/05; if there's no errata for books that don't agree with Superiors 3, please submit it. Thanks.

The choir Attunement for Elohim of Jean seems kinda useless. It only works for a few minutes! What gives?

The computer granted can perform tasks and process things at unheard-of speeds (at least among humans . . . ). It takes about a tenth the time for this computer to perform normal computer tasks. This does not help it speed up delays from other computers, though (e.g., your web-surfing won't be much faster). Mind you, it's still useful for the "can connect to any computer" and "unlimited storage" aspects! The computer keeps all the information it garners between invocations. The perfect secret store of data . . . only the Elohite can access it and any amount of it can be captured. Note that the computer doesn't have to "boot up" or do any of that routine maintenance stuff. It always works perfectly and it's always ready.

Also note that GURPS In Nomine uses a different duration mechanic - until it's set down by the user. The non-GURPS version may get a facelift someday.
Last checked on 6/1/05

How often can Elohim use their resonance as long as they are successful?

Once per round as long as they are successful. Unlike Seraphim who resonate for the unalterable TRUTH, Elohim plumb the constantly changing emotionscape of a human psyche. GMs who don't want to deal with the constant risk of Intervention may make a house rule that allows the Elohite to sense emotions over time, though, using just one check digit.
Last checked on 6/1/05

How much detail do Elohim get when they get higher CDs on their resonance rolls?

On a 3 or higher, the Elohite will get the motivating factor for the emotion. In general, this is a pretty vague description. "A boss," "his lover," or "fear of failure" are about right. "Bill Gates" or "Beleth" is too specific. (Basically, don't make resonance alone be a nonhuman-detector.)
Last checked on 6/1/05

Is the Elohite of Lightning Choir Attunement resonance-based, or can other angels get this attunement?

Other angels can get the attunement; only Elohim get it "natively."
Last checked on 6/1/05


Are the Grigori Fallen?

No. They were Outcast as a Choir and some individual members have Fallen.
Last checked on 6/1/05


What skill is used by a Malakite of Eli when they improvise a weapon?

Choose the closest weapon skill that applies and use that (GMs should be fairly lenient). If the Malakite does not have a weapon skill close enough (for example, he has Small Weapon (sap) but the improvised weapon works more like a dagger), he can use the appropriate attribute at no default penalty.
Last checked on 6/1/05

So I know Malakim don't usually get Trauma when their vessels are destroyed, seeing as how they're so used to it . . . but what about brand-new Malakim?

It doesn't say, specifically, in the book that the reason they are immune to Trauma is because they suffered it so many times. It just says they are innured to death from having suffered it so often. So, the Trauma avoidance is part of their Choir nature, even for new Malakim. The book is just expressing it poetically.
Last checked on 6/1/05

Does the Malakite of Fire Attunement add to other "hand-enhancing" attacks like Numious Corpus: Claws?

Yes. Add the Power and Accuracy of both when calculating the attack.
Last checked on 6/1/05

If a Malakite resonates a person controlled by a Shedite, who does he detect?

Generally, the controlling personality, which is the Shedite. On a particularly good roll with a particularly good check digit - or a Divine Intervention - the GM may want to give results for both the host and the demon.
Last checked on 6/1/05


Is self-defense against a human dissonant for Mercurians?

If the human is damaged by something the Mercurian does, yes. Getting out of the way of an attack is not dissonant, even if the human punches the brick wall behind the angel, so long as the Mercurian didn't guide the human's fist there.

Yes, technically a Mercurian could insult and bait humans into attacking and bulling into walls or other hazards. While this is not quite dissonant, Judgment will want to have words with any Friend of Man who has this as a hobby.
Last checked on 6/1/05

Can a Mercurian use his resonance against a number of people after making a successful roll?

The Mercurian must, typically, wait for the initial resonance "feed" to wear off (as per p. 104 of In Nomine) before making another roll, for a group or for a specific person. The GM may adjust this if the original subject leaves the room. (Or the GM may not.)
Last checked on 6/1/05

Is using a tranquilizer dart dissonant for a Mercurian?

Unless you have a very kind GM, yes. The Song of Sleep is probably gentle enough to avoid dissonance if the human is not harmed by sudden somnolence, though.
Last checked on 6/1/05

What info does a Mercurian get when resonating a eelestial or ethereal?

If the being has no Role - and really, Roles are only effective on the corporeal plane anyway - then they get data as pertaining to the being itself. This won't give names and other dead give-aways of non-human status - but "feared Boss" or "beloved Boss" are pretty likely to be a Superior of some sort, and "grew up in the red light district of a horrible city" tends to translate to "Shal-Mari" if the Mercurian knows anything about Hell. On Earth, however, non-mortals are protected by their Roles. The Mercurian has to beat the Role's level with the check digit of the resonance roll or the only data they get is that provided by the Role. If the check digit beats the Role level (or the target has no Role), then certain relationships (e.g., family, early teachers) will be missing, disfunctional, or really strange. Now this doesn't mean for certain that the target isn't a human; some humans are so sociopathic or just distant that they lack social connections in the same way. The GM should strive keep the answer open enough not to turn this resonance into a perfect "celestial detector."
Last checked on 6/1/05

Can a Mercurian attack undead without taking dissonance?

Not if they're human undead. Mercurians cannot attack humans in any form: alive, undead, ghosts, dreamshades, blessed or damned souls, or Saints. However, Mercurians can attack demons, animals (although they risk Jordi's wrath), plants (although they risk Novalis's wrath), inanimate objects, and ethereals.

As a side note, whether or not a Mercurian can attack an angel - including himself - is not defined yet in canon; this decision is currently up to the GM.

Yes, attunements may get around this restriction; a Mercurian of Judgment would be able to harm a suitably guilty undead, for instance. (However, just being undead may not be enough of a crime to allow this!)
Last checked on 12/10/07


Does the Ofanite resonance apply to Driving? How about other Agility skills like Throwing?

The resonance mentions "any roll against Agility itself or an associated skill." It should specifically include Driving and specifically disallow Agility skills like Throwing. The skill has to involve the Ofanite moving himself around. Climbing, yes. Driving, yes. Throwing, no.

This is probably errata by now.
Last checked on 6/1/05

Does an Ofanite gain dissonance if it is held against its will?

No; only if the Ofanite is free to act and chooses not to.
Last checked on 6/1/05


Can a Seraph of Yves tell that a "person" is a demon by using their Servitor Attunement? How about the Word of a Word-bound Celestial? Choir/Band?

Just the name, which may provide clues if the GM tends to use the Bible Names document or other such resources, or if someone's true name is "Eats Pizza Too Fast." (Someone who has let the Word replace his or her name would also get the Word, and not the original name; one example of this would be Art, the Angel of Art, whose Word is his name.)

GMs who feel that someone's Word is linked to his or her true name could have the Seraph make a Perception roll to pick up that detail, but other information might be better served with an Intelligence roll to remember what the name means and what kinds of people might have that sort of name.
Last checked on 6/1/05

Can a Seraph of Flowers ignore its own peace aura?

No. Nor can it turn the aura off. There are some attunements and Songs which act at a distance, but it's up to the GM whether those are not immediately violent enough to slip in despite the aura. And the Seraph still has Flowers' dissonance conditions; it had better be really sure about even trying them.
Last checked on 6/1/05

The Seraphim description seems to indicate that they don't need a roll at all to detect falsehood. Is this right?

Not quite, that section was more poetic than entirely accurate; the Game Mechanics section has the detailed mechanics (natch). Roll against Perception for the resonance. Obvious lies (GM's discretion) will probably make them uncomfortable, though.

Exactly how does a Seraph's truth resonance work?

The resonance continues for 10-CD minutes on the first person the Seraph hears speak after invoking resonance. It does not work on just anything heard in this time period. (GMs should be sparing with having no-nothing sidekicks interrupt the person the Seraph wanted to target, though, and background noise (radios, TVs, etc.) can be easily ignored.)
Last checked on 6/1/05

Can a Seraph tell a story/fable or use sarcasm?

Yes, as long as they make it obviously clear that that is their intention. Most forms of sarcasm are so close to lying that most Seraphim avoid them anyways. In Heaven, the obviousness of these types of speech are automatic - e.g., "<in the tone of sasrcasm> Oh, I'm a Cherub now. Right. </in the tone of sarcasm>"
Last checked on 6/1/05

What does a Seraph of Yves sense as the name of a body when it is possessed?

For a Shedite possession, the Seraph gets both names. For a Kyrio or someone using the Song of Possession, you get only the current possessor since the real "owner" is in the Marches. In the latter case, the GM may allow the Seraph to make a Perception roll, with a good roll giving both names and intermediate rolls clueing in the Seraph that something is fishy.
Last checked on 6/1/05, but I haven't doublechecked the APG and can't while a five-year-old is clinging to me.


Kyriotates of Jean can inhabit objects, how many Forces does a non-living object have?

One Force per object. However, GMs should generally rule that individual systems count as "objectS" here. E.g., a car has the body (with the seatbelts and doors), the steering, and the radio - to get them all at once, the Kyriotate would have to dedicate three Forces. And aircraft carriers might be a bit more than one Force even for just the body . . .

Typically, for houses, one wall or floor/ceiling at a time is "small" enough to count for one Force.

GMs are free to ignore these guidelines, but Kyriotates of Lightning get even more potent without them.
Last checked on 6/1/05

Can Kyriotates of Jean inhabit any object?

Any non-living, made thing within reason. In other words, they can't possess a live tree, and probably not a fallen one - but they could possess one that someone had carved into a bench. There is no difference between an item made by a human and one made by an ethereal/celestial.
Last checked on 6/1/05

Does the object have any senses?

Each object gets sight, hearing, and touch for free, plus any special senses the object might have (e.g., a radio can "hear" radio waves).
Last checked on 6/1/05

Can the object speak?

Depends on the object, much like when a Kyriotate inhabits a living vessel. A rock won't have much chance of communicating, and a lawn mower could rev its engine suggestively, but a radio or a TV could speak with no problems.
Last checked on 6/1/05

Can the object move?

Also depends on the object. Anything designed to bend or move will be able to do so. So a door could open and close, a car could drive around, a ball could roll, a puppet could walk around. But a candlestick couldn't move around on its own, since it is inflexible. Neither could a hammer lift itself to hammer a nail (or whatever). Certain Songs can give movement abilities, however. For example, Numious Corpus: Wings and that toaster vessel . . .

After exposure to the effects of a Kyriotate of Lightning with Numinous Corpus: Acid ("You can't Dodge your underwear!"), most Numinous Corpus Songs now require an equivalent body-part - a mouth for Acid and Fangs, fingers/paws for Claws, etc. The GM is the final authority on whether an inanimate object has an equivalent "body-part" for a Numinous Corpus to affect.
Last checked on 6/1/05

Does possessing the object require a Will roll?

Yes. Normally attunements don't require a roll, but this particular one is an extension of Kyriotate's resonance, which does require one.
Last checked on 6/1/05

Can you continuously inhabit the same object?

Yes, but remember that if a roll is failed, the possessor is ejected and cannot repossess that object until the proper time has passed. Also, an Infernal Intervention will eventually catch up with any Kyriotate foolish enough to try this for an extended period of time!
Last checked on 6/1/05, but I want to double-check the APG when I don't have a kid clinging to me.

Does damage to the host-object cause Disturbance if the Kyriotate of Jean deliberately damages it? Dissonance?

Yes to the disturbance, no to the dissonance. When you harm a vessel, it sets up unpleasant discords between the Kyriotate's soul, the vessel, and the owner's soul. This wouldn't occur with non-living vessels.

However, the GM is quite free to rule that destruction of the item (via the Kyriotate's connivance or not) causes the Kyriotate Mind hits or other such mental trauma. It's suggested that it prevent the Kyriotate from possessing anything else for a short time, at the least. (See a nother FAQ, further down.)
Last checked on 6/1/05

What is the true definition of "abandoning a vessel" in the descriptions for Kyriotates of Michael and Laurence?

For Michael and Laurence it means that some of their Kyriotates' Forces are "tied up" and can't be used for possessing other hosts. For example, if a Kyriotate of Michael has a human vessel that takes up five of their Forces, leaving four free for possessing other hosts. Note that these servants of Michael do not have to have a human vessel or even use this attunement at all. Once the vessel is generated, however, the Forces cannot be used for possessing any other vessel unless the "non-abandonable" vessel is destroyed. All human vessels are considered to "tie up" five Forces for the Kyriotate. (Smaller vessels are allocated fewer Forces; ask the GM how many.) Except for these special rules, the vessels are treated like vessels for any other celestial, including vanishing into potentiality when the Kyriotate wants to "go celestial." The Forces for that vessel are still unusable, even if it's in potentiality.
Last checked on 6/1/05

What happens to a Kyriotate's other vessels when one is stunned?

The Forces tied up in the stunned vessel are unavailable but the rest of the Kyriotate is free to act.
Last checked on 6/1/05

How many actions does a Kyriotate in multiple vessels get? Can they possess more than one being in the same round?

Each vessel of a Kyriotate gets a single action per round as given on the Combat Summary box (In Nomine, p. 68). This includes possession (step 1). So if a Kyriotate currently had possession of two bodies at the beginning of a round, they could take over two different bodies that round (though no other actions except moving by the combat rules . . . the newly possessed bodies do not get actions 'til the next round).
Last checked on 6/1/05

Can Kyriotates have Roles?

Yes, but it's more difficult and most Kyriotates don't bother with them. Assuming that the Kyriotate doesn't have a "regular" vessel by some method, they usually have to pick Roles that don't require face-to-face interaction. A Recluse or a Hacker are good Roles for this! Another way is to have a Servant and buy a Role for use in that body - the Kyriotate will have to live as that Servant a lot, though. See the Roles chapter of the Liber Servitorum
Last checked on 6/1/05

Does a Kyriotate of Yves have access to the Host's Songs?

No. See the box on p. 130 of Superiors 3.
Last checked on 6/1/05

How much information does a Kyriotate of Yves have after leaving a host?

They lose all borrowed skills immediately upon leaving. The memory of what they did stays with them. So if they used their host's memories to call a phone number (or even just think of it), they have a chance (Intelligence roll) to remember the number.
Last checked on 6/1/05

How much maintenance does a host of a Kyriotate need?

Other than breathing, none. The spirit of the Kyriotate sustains the body like other angels do for their vessels. In fact, the body doesn't age and is treated as a vessel for almost all purposes.
Last checked on 6/1/05

Can Kyriotates, other than Servitors of Jordi, take non-insect "bugs," such as spiders, as hosts?

Insects, "bugs," arachnids, etc., are all lumped in the same category, so they are only available to Kyriotates of Jordi.
Last checked on 6/1/05

How far apart can the hosts of a Kyriotate travel?

Any distance. Really. And while I'm on the subject the angel will regenerate Essence about once every 24 hours no matter where the sun is. GM's call on this one, but commonly where the greatest number of the Kyriotate's Forces are. The Essence regeneration occurs at certain times of day for symbolic reasons, not physical ones.
Last checked on 6/1/05

Can a Kyriotate possess a celestial?

Yes (as long as it has enough Forces). So if a 7-Force celestial was in a cat vessel, the Kyriotate would need 7 Forces to take over that vessel.
Last checked on 6/1/05

Can a Kyriotate leave a host before the check digit expires without a Will roll? Does this cause any disturbance?

Yes. This will cause no disturbance unless it is the last host the Kyriotate is leaving and it has to assume celestial form.
Last checked on 6/1/05

How many Forces does a Kyriotate of David use for his stone vessel?

Five for a human-sized stone vessel. At the GM's discretion, this cost can vary depending on the size of the vessel. When the vessel is not currently in use, the Kyriotate is free to use the Forces elsewhere.
Last checked on 6/1/05

How do you calculate a Kyriotate of Flowers' Body hits, lifting strength, etc., when in a plant host?

Use the Kyriotate's Strength for calculating skill levels, Body hits, etc. They may have huge Strength penalties in fragile/short hosts, though, such as dandilions or grass. Use the approximate size of the plant for the "strength" in grabbing, or other Contests of Strength. (While the Kyriotate might be able to hang onto something with full Strength, it probably doesn't want to uproot its host!) Grasses usually have an effective Strength of zero, waist-high shrubs will have a 1 or 2, trees with an inch-thick trunk will have 3-4 and scale up from there. Large trees are likely to have a very high vessel level for calculating Body hits, or a lot of Protection.
Last checked on 6/1/05, but I'm not satisfied with this phrasing at the moment. Eventually, a Novalis write-up should revisit this.

Does leaving a vessel cause any disturbance?

No, unless it was the last host and the Kyriotate was forced to go to celestial form on Earth.
Last checked on 6/1/05

How does a Kyriotate/Shedite show up on Earth since they don't have vessels?

Some have vessels (Servitors of David and Laurence, for example). Those who aren't that lucky arrive in celestial form unless they have some method of viewing the Earth so they can use their resonance at a distance.
Last checked on 6/1/05

Where is the "rest" of a Kyriotate that isn't controlling his full number of Forces in hosts?

There is no "rest" of him, that is merely the potential to control more vessels.
Last checked on 6/1/05

What happens to a Kyriotate of Jean in an object if the object is destroyed?

The Kyriotate is ejected and cannot take over another object for a number of minutes equal to their original CD. (Optionally, GMs who are finding that Kyriotates of Jean are become a big problem might want to impose Mind Hits as well . . . )
Last checked on 6/1/05; I want to double-check GIN, and may revist this.

If a Kyriotate goes celestial without giving up all its hosts, does it cost 2 Essence?

Yes. There is no Essence cost if they are forced to assume celestial form, however.
Last checked on 6/1/05

Is a Will roll required to assume celestial form when a Kyriotate gives up its last vessel?

Last checked on 6/1/05

Is there any difference between skills and abilities? Specifically for the attunements for Kyriotates of Yves and Zadkiel.)

No. Also, the "skill" of a Role goes along with the vessel, as well. Normally you don't roll against this freebie skill, so GMs are urged to fudge it, if necessary.
Last checked on 6/1/05

Since Kyriotates of Eli can use the Celestial Song of Form for free, does this mean they can make their hosts the size of Blue Whale or a dinosaur?

Ack, no! They can use the Song as if they were full up of Essence (9 for a starting character), they just don't actually have to spend the Essence. If the Kyrio chooses to, they can actually spend some Essence to go beyond those limits. (So if a 10-Force Kyrio of Eli spends 5 Essence on the Celestial Song of Form, it's as if they had performed the Song and gotten 15 Essence worth of changes.)

You can do great Giant Rat of Sumatra impressions, though.
Last checked on 6/1/05

Exactly what kind of vessel does a Kyriotate of Laurence receive?

The body is a Vessel/1, but may be improved normally with points. The Status of the former occupant of the body is kept. The Role is free (and equal to the Ethereal Forces of the Kyriotate), but if Status would be greater than the Role, the GM may require the Role to be increased with points normally.
Last checked on 6/1/05, but I haven't scoured the errata yet.

If a Kyriotate of Yves is possessing two different bodies, can they use the skills from one with the other?

Yes. They can use all skills between appropriate bodies. The "appropriate" means no kung-fu rabbits or turtles gaining a bloodhound's keen tracking ability.
Last checked on 6/1/05

How many times can a Kyriotate manifest in the Marches?

Once, and it takes 3 free Forces. Kyriotates of Blandine may be in multiple dreamscapes. The GM may also allow them to have more than one "viewpoint" in the Marches, though, at a cost of 3 free Forces per each manifestation.
Last checked on 6/1/05

What happens if the host is killed in the Marches while being possessed by a Kyriotate?

When the Kyriotate's duration is up (or if it leaves voluntarily), the host's body becomes a vegetable or dies - and the Kyriotate racks up some dissonance.
Last checked on 6/1/05

Does a Kyriotate take dissonance if it's in another being's Vessel (rather than a body) and leave it in worse shape?

Yes. The rules simply say "body," so they are bound to that standard even with infernal vessels. No matter how much they would love to hurt a demon this way, their nature rebels. Much the same thing happens with Mercurians and humans. They could save a bunch of lives by simply shooting some humans, but they would still take dissonance if they blew away the scumbag. Of course, a Superior would probably look kindly on a Kyriotate who waxed a demon by whatever method and remove the dissonance. It's a dangerous tactic, though!

Kyriotates of Judgment are exempt from dissonance if they're in an evil host - a lot of demons, if not all of them, are going to qualify as "toys" for these Dominations.
Last checked on 6/1/05


What gender are angels (or Fallen angels for that matter)?

Celestials don't have an innate gender. Some celestials prefer certain genders of vessel, or pronouns even in celestial form, and they do take on a physical gender while using a vessel, but the essential nature of an angel or demon is celestial. Everything else is just window dressing or quirks.
Last checked on 6/1/05

Can anyone recognize a celestial in a vessel? Even with a Perception roll?

No. Celestials have to "tip their hand" by disturbing the Symphony or exercising powers; but then again, Soldiers do that, too, when they disturb the Symphony . . . so, in other words, not by sight or Perception. Some attunements and very good resonance rolls may expose a non-human, but few do so positively under all conditions.
Last checked on 6/1/05

How can you tell an angel from a demon?

In celestial form it's easy and obvious. In a corporeal vessel it gets much trickier. In general you can't but there are various ways scattered throughout the book. Elizabeth McCoy has assembled a list of possible methods for doing just that.

Note that the list is from early on; some of those are based on mis-readings of the rules and are non-canonical.
Last checked on 6/1/05; is that the right URL?

Do celestials ever get tired? Feel extremes of temperature? Get sick? Are they affected by drugs?

No, not really, no, and sort of. (I'm sure a certain unstoppable rabbit-vessel is a demon in disguise, for example.)

As a rule-of-thumb, celestials are unaffected by temperature down to freezing and up to 100F or thereabouts. Beyond that range they have reduced sensitivity when compared to humans. They can feel the temperature, but it doesn't particularly damage them - they don't get heatstroke, or suffer true chills. Celestials are unaffected by corporeal diseases (but apparenlty can contract certain diseases designed just for them; this was one of the projects of the Prince of Disease). This also means that celestials cannot be "carriers" in the classic sense of the word, but if one were doused in a bubonic plague culture, someone could be infected from the germs on the outside of the celestial's skin or clothing.

They are, however, affected by drugs but typically have higher stats and withstand the effects better.
Last checked on 6/1/05

Can the Celestial Tongue be spoken while in corporeal form? How about Helltongue?

The celestial tongue ("angelic") cannot be spoken in a corporeal body except by Vassals of War (and possibly as a specific gift from other Superiors). "Humming" (In Nomine, p. 77, under Singing) is possible, though. The Helltongue can be spoken on Earth, since it has been corrupted for the pure celestial language. Angels, in general, do not know Helltongue but even those that do can take dissonance for lying in it! Demons can understand the celestial language but are loathe to use it.
Last checked on 6/1/05

Why doesn't Nicole (Night Music, p. 85) need to breathe in the mud bath?

It's the nature of the mud; it obviates a vessel's need for breathing along with its other regenerative properties.
Last checked on 6/1/05



Where are those popular demons of legend, the Incubi and Succubi?

You can make servants of Andrealphus or Beleth's odder minions serve this role (or some of the Lilim, of course). At the moment, there are no plans for these to appear in the game as distinct Bands. Even if they did, they'd be minor ones. So, basically, "succubus" is a job description, not a Band.
Last checked on 6/1/05

What's the minimum number of Forces to be a demon?

Seven to fledge as a demon, though later losses can bring one down below this number.

What happens to a demon in Heaven?

It creates disturbance and begins frying (somewhat more slowly than if in a Tether). Check out Heaven and Hell and the Heaven & Hell errata for that section for details.
Last checked on 6/1/05


What happens exactly with the Balseraph of Kronos' Attunement?

The Balseraph is bound by everything in the Resonance/Dissonance sections of the Choir description plus any relevant text in the Mechanics section. For example, Bob the Balseraph can emulate a Kyriotate. So Bob is bound by all the restrictions of a Kyriotate (harming the host, etc). Note that since the Manner and Appearance is not included in the Balseraph of Kronos' Attunement, the "stunning" affect of Kyriotates in celestial form is not available. One note is that with the Kyriotate Resonance, they can still buy vessels normally, but can only use 'em when not possessing someone (Infernal Player's Guide, p. 29). Plus they emit normal disturbance when their vessel manifests or is put back into storage.
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Is the Djinn resonance close enough to let a Balseraph of Fate take the Djinn of Fate attunement?

No. While the Cherubic and Djinn resonances are very similar, they are not identical. Kronos has an attunement for Djinn, not for Cherubim.
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Can any Servitor of Fate take the Balseraph of Fate attunement?

No. The Balseraph of Fate Attunement is not available to any other Band. The description only says "at character creation"; that means that at the moment the Balseraph chooses to serve Kronos, the attunement takes effect. Only a Balseraph's ability to "lie" to the Symphony allows it to emulate an angel's nature! They can't take this Band Attunement more than once, either. (Kronos might change which angelic resonance was being emulated, though. If he wanted to.)
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Can a Balseraph using the Humanity attunement fool a Malakite with a 6 on their resonance roll CD? What if someone examined them with Aura Glasses? How about all the other tricky methods of detecting Celestials?

Yes. The Malakite's resonance is fuzzed enough that he can only sense this is a very selfish being. As to the other options, The Humanity attunement is subtle enough to fool any nearly any attunement, resonance, or Distinction that would directly or indirectly reveal the Gamester as a demon. As the text in GURPS In Nomine says, this is a very powerful attunement, and it requires the GM to make a lot of judgment calls. Now, if the demon does something stupid that would allow someone to deduce his is a demon, that's a different matter!
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Can the victim of a failed Balserph resonance attempt tell what just happened?

With a successful Detect Lies (or if the truth of the matter is obvious), the victim can tell a lie has been told, but not that anything supernatural has happened. A Seraph might detect it on a Resonance roll of 5 or 6. (Infernal Player's Guide, p.27)

If someone resists the Balseraph's lie, that's different; someone aware of Will-based resonances will probably realize something supernatural happened.
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What does it look like to observers when a Calabite uses his resonance on an object?

It depends on who the demon is working for. The resonance of Belial's demons burns its targets, or appears to - neither flame nor heat is actually created, that's just the closest that the Symphony can come to representing the effect. Saminga's Calabim cause materials to rust, rot, shrink away into nothingness.

Some other suggestions have been posted on here.
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When the Calabim attempt to use their entropy resonance to cause damage to someone and that person resists successfully, they get a chance to lash out at some other target until they succesfully cause damage to avoid dissonance. Does this happen in the same combat round or would each lashing out be a separate attack on subsequent rounds?

Seperate attacks, subsequent rounds. The idea is, you can either take the dissonance or waste your time blowing up your surroundings while other people get to take shots at you. If the Calabite stops, voluntarily or not, he eats the dissonance. Calabim can still do whatever else is allowed in a combat round (such as dodging, but not ACTIVE dodging) as long as it doesn't interfere with their use of the resonance. In extremis Calabim can always target themselves and choose to fail the resistance roll.
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What are the restrictions on this "lashing out"?

Each round thereafter, the Calabite must attempt to damage something around him until successful or he stops (voluntarily or involuntarily). If he stops, he gets dissonance. Note that the Calabite can always target himself and voluntarily choose to fail the resistance roll. Anything that doesn't preclude the use of the resonance (such as dodging, but not full dodge attempts) is allowed.

If another being resists when the Calabite is attempting to avoid dissonance, the demon still only has to succeed once. If the initial resonance attempt had a penalty (Infernal Player's Guide, p.39, Subtle Use), the Calabite is not required to keep that penalty to avoid dissonance - but the result won't be subtle.
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Does a Calabite get points for his starting Discord?

Yes. This is a change from a previous FAQ!
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If a Calabite of Factions fails in its Band Attunement, does it have to try to destroy a different relationship to avoid dissonance?

No. It can attack to destroy the relationship of someone else in the vicinity or it can lash out physically.
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What counts as a "single object" for the Calabite resonance?

Single objects: Any creature, a small collection of objects that are touching (a bag of marbles), a door, the wheel of a car (plus probably a part of the steering column), etc.

Size is important here! Calabim have a general field of entropy that can be focused to do specific damage, but even then they can't get it precisely narrowed down. Generally the range is between a foot in diameter up to about the size of a human body. For a much larger creature (a giraffe, fer instance), the GM can rule that it was just the legs that took the damage.

They have a hard time with big things since they can't focus their field enough to do the damage. The problem with small things is that - as creatures of chaos and entropy - Calabim aren't very good at focusing and constraints. They can do it, but it takes an act of will to bring it about.

For an appropriate penalty on the resonance roll, the GM may allow the Calabim to do more detailed or trickier damage . . . E.g., to injure just part of something, use the Subtle Use chart (Infernal Player's Guide, p. 29). Spend a full round concentrating, and take a -4 on the resonance roll. This would let you get just ONE of the marbles, just the handle of the door (rather than a hole you can stick your head through), or someone's elbow (rather than general-body damage). This could let Calabim be "artistic" as well - cutting things with their resonance, blasting their name into the side of buildings, carving a big swastika or pentagram on some jerk that gets in their way, etc.
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Can you explain the Djinn dissonance rules?


Oh, you want an answer! Ahem. The Djinn cannot directly harm the object of his attunement. If said subject asks the Djinn to do something, the subject might be injured or killed as a result of carrying out that request. The request does not force the Djinn to do anything, though! So if Bob (the attuned object) is on a bus, Gralmur the Djinn cannot blow up the bus. But if Bob asks Gralmur to kill Betty, the Djinn is free to maneuver Betty onto a bus that just happens to have a bomb (and Bob) on it! Or Gralmur can tell Bob to stuff it in his ear and not do anything.
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Does a Djinn of Kronos know automatically if it has "displaced" a Cherub's attunment?

With a successful Perception roll, yes.
Last checked on 6/1/05, but I'm trying to bully the child down for a nap and would like to double-check H&H, the IPG, and the APG.

Since the Djinn resonance uses the Cherub CD table, does it also use the Cherub resonance mechanic?

No. Otherwise the Band would just be listed as "Cherubim", with "angels" crossed out and "demons" written in in crayon. Or, more seriously, see Resonance Mechanics, p. 56 of the core rules. Djinn use Will to enforce their connections on their victims; on a successful use of the resonance, the connection is as strong as a similar link identified by a Cherub's use of Perception.

Furthermore, GMs are encouraged to eliminate the detection of danger from the information that Djinn get. Broken demons and trackers, Djinn know where their attuned are. They don't necessarily know who else might have designs upon those targets - and even if they do know, they don't care.


How do the Habbalah use their resonance?

Three ways.

The first way, in the core rules, simply allows them to build up an emotion and thrust it upon someone else.

The second way, detailed in the Infernal Player's Guide, allows them to enhance whatever emotion(s) the subject is feeling at the moment. It can be used "pot luck" or in conjunction with the third method, below.

The third way is to take a penalty to Perception equal to the maximum check digit result they want to get, and use the Elohite resonance table (In Nomine, p. 99)! This is also detailed in the Infernal Player's Guide, p. 45.
Last checked on 6/1/05, working from memory and not the IPG in front of me.


How much of the Lilim of Haagenti Attunement can an Impudite of Haagenti get? All? None?

The Geas is part of the Lilim resonance so the Impudite would not get it. Otherwise, they get everything else.
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Can Kronos' Impudite of Fate Band Attunement be used on celestials?

It's the past - so yes. But it's impossible to get a being's WHOLE past in perfect detail very quickly. This attunement is good for getting the summary of someone's life, not every little detail (even very important details).
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The check digit determines the "level" of the desire that someone has, right?

Not really. The level of difficulty that the victim would have in granting their own desire. The Lilim doesn't get a selection to choose from, just a desire of the appropriate level. The check digit also reduces the victims Will roll to resist the Lilim's Geas, later.
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What is the plural of 'Geas'?

In In Nomine, Geases.

Other plurals include geas, geasa, and gesae - just to name a few which might be floating around. Canon In Nomine uses only Geases.
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How does a Lilim handle two people calling in favors at once?

Heh. A very, very clever Lilim would try to work it out, somehow, that both are satisfied. More likely she will experience dissonance and possibly Discord from the conflicting favors. Other avenues might include trying to re-negotiate the favor so they don't conflict or asking someone else to help resolve the situation (which might involve yet another favor being issued).

Lilim may refer to this as Geas-conflict, especially if the Geases aren't just inconveniently timed, but are actively opposed.
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How does someone collect a Geas from a Lilim? How does a Lilim collect her own Geases from those who owe her?

The holder of the Geas must track down the person to redeem it. Either a Geas-hook (a potential Geas) or a Geas itself is a connection between the Lilim and the victim, so you can use the Celestial Song of Affinity (Liber Reliquarum, p. 29 and the Liber Canticorum).

The GM may also allow a Geas to be called in via telephone or the Celestial Song of Tongues.
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Does a really free Lilim (one with no Geases upon her, and not bound to a Prince) get to continue using Lilith's Rites?

If such a being could exist . . . Sure. Don't forget that if you get her Rites, you're subject to Freedom's dissonance conditions as well.
Last checked on 6/1/05

Can you use just "part" of a Geas?

Yes. So if you have a Geas/4 on someone, you can use a Geas/1 on him and still have a Geas/3 left.
Last checked on 6/1/05

Can a Lilim inflict a "need" upon a person (for example with the Servitor Attunement, Dark Desire) and then offer to relieve it to get a geas?

Yes. In fact, you can push someone off of a rooftop and offer to help him up to fullfil a "need."
Last checked on 6/1/05

Can Lilim "trade" Geases away?

Usually, no. Lilith, on the other hand, can both give away and accept Geases. A Lilim can geas herself with a Geas/1 to get the same effect as a trade (e.g., "Okay, I'll only use this Geas when and as you tell me to"). What this means is the original Lilim still holds the Geas, but she has promised not to use it except as the person requests. (Note: if you want to allow Geas-trading in your campaign, that's always the GM's perogative.)
Last checked on 6/1/05

What happens to a Geas if the holder dies?

The holder of the Geas retains it unless their soul is utterly destroyed. How this interacts with reincarnation and humans is up to the GM - the transition might well eliminate a Geas. Or it might not.
Last checked on 6/1/05

What is the "charm" referred to in the attunements for Lilim of War and Fate?

Without going into the gory details, the "charm" refered to in the descriptions is pretty close to the English definition, not a game mechanic! If, in the GM's opinion, the Lilim character has acted "charming" enough to the victim, she should get the bonus. This probably also requires appropriate circumstances. If you are in combat or being tortured, it's easy to miss the wiles of even a Lilim!

Are Geases visible? What about Geas-hooks?

Geases are visible celestially like any other similar Discord. Geas-hooks are only visible to Superiors . . . and then only if they are looking. The "hooked" entity cannot feel them, either, though Geases themselves are quite noticeable. This means that a starting Free Lilim will have 27 levels of very visible Discord on her celestial form.

So, until a Lilim asks for a return favor, her hooks are mostly invisible, but after she asks (or the character promises an unspecified favor for the future), the Geas shows up and hangs around until the task has been completed.
Last checked on 6/1/05

Do Geases on humans vanish when the human dies?

Nope. As long as the soul exists, the Geas exists. How this interacts with reincarnation is up to the GM. Souls believed or known to have ascended to the Higher Heavens may still have Geases on them - or not. No Lilim has ever claimed to have called one in.
Last checked on 6/1/05

Are Geases worth character points like other Discord?

A Free Lilim's starting Geases are not worth any points; they're what she has instead of a Prince (and Princes aren't worth points, either). The GM gets to decide if any other starting character type gets points for having a Geas owed somewhere, but don't assume the GM will be kind.
Last checked on 6/1/05

Can a Lilim work in a coffee shop and get Geas-hooks on people for giving them the coffee they Need?

While GMs are free to allow this . . . No, not unless she is going beyond what any other coffee shop clerk would do (such as handing out free coffee to people who don't have enough money to buy it) - the person who is buying the coffee he Needs is, essentially, obtaining coffee for himself and through his own efforts. There is no Symphonic "debt" being invoked, nor will he have any hint of gratitude for a Geas-hook to "catch" on. Generally, a Lilim can never get a Geas-hook on someone by acting according to her Role - or role. People expect paramedics to save lives, firefighters to fight fires, librarians to know where the good books are, baristas to serve coffee, etc.

Lilim of Gluttony still have access to their attunement-granted Geas-hooks, but the GM is free to rule that they must somehow know who they're cooking for (to understand what flavors are Needed), or otherwise invoke mechanics-based or campaign-based limitations and drawbacks for Lilim who get out of hand. Remember, celestials all know that if you soul-kill a Lilim, her hooks go poof. The more angels and demons you hook . . . well, life's just full of tough choices.
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Can a Shedite possess a celestial or an animal?

Shedim can only possess humans (In Nomine?, p. 151).
Last checked on 6/1/05

Do Shedim have the same "Force-limit" that Kyrioatates do when they possess someone?

Probably. On the other hand, there are very few humans with even seven Forces, and Shedim have to have at least that many to fledge. Only a very wounded Shedite would run into the problem.
Last checked on 6/1/05

When a Shedite of Saminga is possessing a corpse, does he have to "corrupt" as per their dissonance?

The corpse has no nature to corrupt, so the Shedite is not bound by the usual restriction.
Last checked on 6/1/05

Are Shedim of Death limited to only corpses?

No, they can still possess humans.
Last checked on 6/1/05

If a Shedite inhabits someone for less than a full day without corrupting him, does it get dissonance?

On any 24 hour period where a Shedite has possessed a host, it has to corrupt someone. So if a Shedite spent a few months in Hell, it doesn't get dissonance (no hosts, no need for corruption). It then pops up to Earth and inhabits someone for a few minutes. That's when the clock starts ticking. (As a non-canon GM's option, you can require them to corrupt every host they inhabit even for a moment. This works well for Shedim who are getting on the GMs nerves!)
Last checked on 6/1/05

What happens when a Shedite falls asleep while possessing a host?

The host and Shedite are in the Marches, in the human's dreamscape. The Shedite can slip out into the Marches, giving up the host, or stick around until normal waking time and play with the mortal's dreams.
Last checked on 6/1/05

What happens to a Shedite of Death who is in a living host who dies?

They get evicted with the usual consequences (dissonance, etc.), but can re-inhabit the corpse. A kind GM might allow them to roll possession immediately . . .
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