Steve Jackson Games In Nomine

In Nomine, First Printing Choir/Band Restrictions

Copyright © by Steve Jackson Games Incorporated.

So that readers will know which Choir/Band attunements have become restricted or partially restricted, the Line Editor has provided the following list of notes for In Nomine, First Printing.

P. 110. (Dreams): Cherubim, Elohim, Kyriotates

P. 114. (Judgment): Seraphim, Cherubim, Kyriotates

P. 117. (Creation): Cherubim (partially)

P. 120. (The Wind): Cherubim

P. 122-123. (Lightning): Cherubim, Kyriotates

P. 125. (Animals): Elohim (partially), Kyriotates (partially)

P. 127. (The Sword): Cherubim, Elohim, Malakim, Kyriotates

P. 128-129. (Trade): Seraphim (partially), Ofanim, Kyriotates, Mercurians

P. 131. (War): Cherubim, Kyriotates

P. 133. (Flowers): Elohim, Kyriotates

P. 134. (Destiny): Cherubim, Elohim, Kyriotates

P. 159. (Lust): Djinn, Calabim, Habbalah, Lilim, Shedim, Impudites

P. 161-162. (The Game): Calabim, Shedim (partially)

P. 164. (The War): Calabim, Shedim, Impudites

P. 164-165. (Nightmares): Balseraphs, Djinn, Habbalah, Lilim, Shedim, Impudites

P. 166-167. (Fire): Djinn, Calabim, Habbalah, Lilim, Shedim, Impudites

P. 168. (Gluttony): Balseraphs, Djinn (partially), Habbalah, Lilim (partially), Shedim, Impudites

P. 170-171. (Dark Humor): Shedim, Impudites (partially)

P. 172-173. (Fate): Balseraphs, Djinn, Calabim, Habbalah, Lilim (partially), Shedim

P. 174. (Factions): Djinn, Calabim, Lilim, Shedim, Impudites (partially)

P. 176-177. (The Media): Balseraphs, Djinn, Shedim

P. 178. (Death): Djinn, Shedim, Impudites (partially)

P. 180-181. (Theft): Balseraphs, Djinn, Lilim

P. 182-183. (Technology): Balseraphs (partially), Habbalah (partially), Lilim (partially), Impudites (partially)

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