Lilith, Queen of Hell

By Eric Burns


In December of 2000 - almost two years ago - Eric A. Burns, also known as "Whistling In The Dark", posted to the INML a new setting for In Nomine. He wrote of the death of Lucifer, the rise of Lilith to ultimate Infernal power, and the chaos that resulted.

Unfortunately, I didn't get all of it. (In fact, I only had one out of the ten posts that he made.)

Recently, I inquired of Mr. Burns whether he would be willing to send me the full extent of his setting, as I wanted to post it here but didn't have all of the pieces. Mr. Burns obliged - for which I am quite grateful - and, as a result, I can now post the setting in its entirety.

Thanks and gratitude to Mr. Eric Burns, both for writing this setting and for helping me to post it here.

-- EDG


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