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IOU Froshthing/Footballer

[Created by (Brandi Weed)]
Total: 100 points


(30) ST 13
(30) DX 13
( 0) IQ 10
(20) HT 12

Advantages (60):

Attractive, Catfall, High Pain Threshold, Luck 1 (15 points), Night Vision, Ally Group: Team, 6 or less (10 points)

Disadvantages (-55):

Academic Status -2, Lives on Campus, Overweight, Poor, Sleepy (12 hrs/day; -10 points), Stubborn

Quirks (-5 points):

Girl-crazy, Loves hunting meeps for snacks, Terminally mellow, Likes catnip brownies, Doesn't talk about his past

Skills (15 points):

Area Knowledge (IOU)-10 (1), Survival (IOU)-9 (1), Brawling-13 (1), Carousing-12 (1), Climbing-13 (2), Driving (car)-11 (0.5), Jumping-12 (0.5), Literature-8 (1), Poetry-9 (1), Running-11 (1), Scrounging-9 (0.5), Sports (Football)-13 (2), Stealth-11 (0.5), Throwing-11 (1), Writing-9 (1),

[Note: Coney is pretty much out of the question in a non-Silly IOU game.]

Coney is... well, he's a cat. A really big (6', 240lb) bipedal cat,with Siamese markings, a minimal tail (just a stub, like a Manx mix),and a somewhat splay-footed way of standing.

He's at IOU on an athletic scholarship, playing football (he may be recruited into moopsball, but he has already been barred from meepsball for eating the ball). Currently he's an English major, but he might be persuaded to change to Phys. Ed.

Nobody knows where Coney came from or why he's here, and for his part he manages to cheerfully ignore questions about it. A dark rumor is circulating IOU that he is in fact one of the ArchDean's cats . . . and something happened to him. Nobody's sure what, and nobody even wants to discuss what may have happened to the people responsible for his new state.

Of course, the only two people qualified to dispel this rumor aren't talking . . .

I actually imagined how Coney might interact with some of the students as outlined in IOU, with the following results:


He likes her, and she may even like him. Pyewacket does not like him, though, as the cat snacks tend to vanish very quickly in his presence.


Coney chased her around for a while; consequently, she dislikes him intensely, especially after demonstrating his early version of flirting (namely, sneaking up on the girl you like and biting her on the nape of the neck).


Their relationship, as fellow Team members, is polite but strained; Coney finds Joe's lupine form a bit too smelly and drooly, and Joe is frankly a bit scared of Coney (he's a little too willing to believe the rumor).

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