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Buddhet Ahasmen

Ultratech psionic "supernormal" buddhist

Total: 500 points
Created by: (MR MARC D KEILBERG)

Appearance: 5'10", 165lbs. Wears sky blue and pure white clothing. Brown hair, sky blue eyes. Appears to be in his early to mid 20s, with slightly tanned white skin. His true age is hard to determine.

Attributes (295 points):

ST 8/9; 20 with cybersuit
DX 19
IQ 19
HT 11/13

Advantages (218 points)

Extra Hit Points +2 (10), Extra Fatigue +1 (3), Combat Reflexes (15), Danger Sense (15), Weapon Master Lvl. 2 (45; includes force weapons), Unusual Background: psionic (15), Luck Level 2 (30)
Comfortable Wealth (10), Harmony with the Tao (20), Animal Empathy (5), Empath (15), Common Sense (10), Telepathy Power 5 (25)

[[Apparently a house-rule is that Empathy isn't Telepathy power -- either that, or Ahasmen has Telepathy Power 8... --arcangel]

Disadvantages (-100 points):

Curiosity Lvl. 2 (-10), Overconfidence (-10), Generosity (-5), Mild Delusions: "I am Gotama (aka: Buddha, me)" (-10), Code of Honor: "Do as I have previously taught, within reason of the given circumstances." (-15), Sense of Duty: "I will kill no one unnecessarily." (-5), Vow: Vegetarianism (-5), Fanaticism: Buddha/me (-15), Pacifism: fight in defense only (-15), Jealousy (-10)

Quirks (-5 points):

Gently nudges insects away when they've gotten their fair share of what they came for.
Makes meditation humming noises during combat.
Stops to smell the roses.
Doesn't eat foods that come from animals (i.e. cheese, eggs, milk, etc.)
Tolerant of alternate beliefs and religions


Force Sword Lvl. 21 (8)
Broadsword Lvl. 20 (4)
Cho-ku-no (a primitive chineese autocrossbow) Lvl. 21 (4)
Bow Lvl. 20 (8)
Precognitive Parry Lvl. 18 (4)
Blind Fighting Lvl. 18 (4)
Zen Archery Lvl. 19 (8)
Force Shield Lvl. 20 (2)
Buckler Lvl. 20 (2)
Boxing Lvl. 17 (.5)
Judo Lvl. 19 (4)
Beam weapons Lvl. 18 (.5)
Fast Draw (cho-ku-no) Lvl. 18 (.5)
Speed Load (cho-ku-no) Lvl. 18 (.5)
Stealth Lvl. 18 (1)
Running Lvl. 15 (8)
Survival (desert) Lvl. 1 (.5)
Acting Lvl. 18 (1)
Theology Lvl. 18 (2)
Lip Reading Lvl. 18 (1)
Tactics Lvl. 20 (4)
First Aid Lvl. 18 (.5)
Throwing Lvl. 17 (1)
Bard Lvl. 18 (1)
Breath Control Lvl. 18 (4)
Fast Draw (hooksword) Lvl. 18 (.5)
Fast Draw (backsword) Lvl. 18 (.5)
Disarming (people of weapons) Lvl. 17 (1)
Performance Lvl. 18 (1)
Mathematics Lvl. 17 (1)
Animal Handling Lvl. 18 (2)
Zoology Lvl. 17 (1)
Telesend Lvl. 17 (1)
Telereceive Lvl. 17 (1)
Mental Blow Lvl. 17 (1)
Mind Block Lvl. 18 (1)
Sleep Lvl. 17 (1)
Mindwipe Lvl. 17 (1)
Jumping Lvl. 20 (2)
Acrobatics Lvl. 18 (2)
Poetry Lvl. 17 (.5)
Musical Instrument (clarinet) Lvl. 16 (.5)


Mainly, Buddhet works best in his original setting, and as a near or complete super, conversions are hard and few, however . . .

Primitive settings (fantasy, medieval, etc.)

You'll need to alter Buddhet's religion, and probably name, along with his character's story line to match the scenario. You might want to add Trained by a Master to Buddhet's repetoire. Increase his judo skill to at least 22, and drop the boxing skill. Change his high tech skills to either lower TL, or put their points into other esoterics. Things like the bow and cho-ku-no will work very well in primitive settings. Buddhet may also be a mage. Always note Buddhet's Harmony with the Tao and Luck Level 2, this will allow you do basically anything, and succede at it, too. Also remember weapon master will give you increased attacks per turn, making things like the cho-ku-no a very nasty attack weapon. Increased psionics may also be a good addition.

Modern to near future settings:

If you have space travel, Buddhet will need to change religion, character story, and name yet again. Drop the tech levels down, such as beam weapons to guns. Points from things such as Force Sword and broadsword can be put into new psionic areas and/or science skills. Be sure to abuse the loopholes you can create with this character.

Space/far future settings:

Pretty much the same, but if you have a space campaign, you may need to come up with some alterations in Buddhist beliefs, or once again change Buddhet's name and religion. Computer skills, mechanic skills, free fall, astrogation and astronomy would all be good things to add to this character. Note how nasty weapon master and level 21 force sword can be; see how long those baddies can last when you attack 4 times per turn with a force sword, and can dodge, parry, or block any other attack they throw at you. Also, give him some o-roms so he can have several of the skills he's missing. Some cyber may also be a good idea.

("Personally, I don't really consider [Buddhet] a super, it's just that he has some real high attributes, and a high point total is all. Then again, he is rather hard to hit with dang near anything. I pretty much consider this guy an Ultra-tech psionic buddhist." --Marc)


Buddhet comes from an alternate reality, and on his Earth, the teachings of Buddha pretty much revolutionized the whole world. The Buddhist religion composes roughly 80% of the world population, total being about 1.2 billion people, yet no other religions sect composes more than 1% of the population. The revolution caused the rapid dissolution of borders, near complete dissolution of government, and allowed rapid advancements in technology, magic and psionics. Even though they can space travel, no known missions have been recorded, mainly because it would mess up most of the original Buddhist ideals.

Slight changes had to be made in the Buddhist religion. Now, complete ordainent in the religious order is not necessary. You can be a Buddhist, as long as you faithfully uphold principles; the "normal" buddhist monks still exist, and compose roughly 15% of the buddhist population. The main reason for this is that the monks go out of society, and don't mate. If people were monks practically from birth, this could cause problems, so they altered the system to meet demand. Not being stupid, the people continued to be trained in the areas of fighting and self defense. They figured their regime couldn't last forever, but if they learned how to defend it, it could last forever. Life spans are quite long in this reality, thus making it possible for people 60 years and older to appear in their 20's.

Although Buddhet is a little odd, people accept him and tolerate him, just as good little buddhists should. Much of his advantages and disadvantages come from necessity, his being a buddhist and all; i.e. animal handling, animal empathy, pacifism, fanaticism, generosity, veganism, etc. These may be ruled by the GM as zero pointers if so desired.

Also, Buddhet still has his hair, since it is not likely you'd actually convice a guy to shave his head to prove his faith towards the ideas of Buddha, when he is Buddha.

[I dunno -- they do it in the military... <grin> --arcangel]

Overall, Buddhet would probably be best used as an NPC patron, or one of a group of patrons. He's typically too powerful, useful, and annoying to GMs to remain too much out of their control.

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