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Yamashita Yoshihiro/Laughing Madman

TV Star/Super

Total: 500 points

Attributes (320 CP):

ST: 80 (200), DX: 13 (30), IQ: 13 (30), HT: 15 (60)

Advantages (180 CP):

Strong Will +5 (20), Luck (15), High Pain Threshold (10), Status 1 (5), Rapid Healing (5) (55 CP) Extra Hit Points +5 (25), DR: 35 (105), Extra Encumbrance (5), Increased Density +5 (25), Super-Running 1 (20)

Disadvantages (-100 CP):

Assorted Disads including Gigantism

Quirks (-5 CP)


Skills (50 CP):

Running 8-16, Throwing 2-12, Judo 2-12, Karate 2-12 Wrestling 1-12, Climbing 1-12, Sumo Wrestling 8-15, Katana 1-12, Shortsword 1-12 Brawling 1-13, Jumping 1-13, Swimming 1-13 Read/Write: Japanese 0-12, Japanese 0-13 Meditation 4-12, Breaking Blow 4-12 Philosophy: Shinto 1-11, R/W: English 1-11, R/W: Polynesian 1-11, Body Language 1-11 English 1-12, Polynesian 1-12, Mind Block 1-12 Tournament Law: Sumo 1-13, First Aid 1-13, Cooking 4-15

NOTES: Has studied Sumo Martial Arts Style

9' 9" of Ainu destruction, Yama is nearly unstoppable. He is a lucky boisterous fool in his TV role, but is insecure & shy when not performing for a crowd. He is secretly ashamed of his freakish size that prevents him from having any role in Japanese society above that of entertainer. His education has been neglected by the shows' officials who chose him to represent the Element of Earth & he feels now that since the show is over in Japan, all that is left for his life is to parade his freakish talents before foreigners. Instead he chooses to find Mark Washington/Steel Wind, his only true friend from the show. He is now searching the U.S. to find Mark, the only worthy foreigner to learn honor and gain his respect, the respect that even his countrymen have lost.

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