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TL11 Irari Doctor

Total: 100 points

Appearance: bright crimson, 5' tall. Wears white body-paint and aerobic-style legwarmers, as well as the usual Irari tool-harness. Native Gravity: 1G


(-10) ST 9
(10) DX 11
(60) IQ 17
(0) HT 10
Thrust 1-2, Swing 1-1, Speed 5.25, Move 5, Flight 10

Advantages (20 points):

Irari (10 points), Extended Lifespan +1 (racial), Winged Flight (racial), 3D Spatial Sense

Disadvantages (-31 points):

Compulsive Behavior: Pursue Research (racial), Fragile (racial), Impulsiveness (racial), Stubbornness, Low Pain Threshold , Truthfulness, Weak Will -2.

Quirks (-4 points):

Wears aerobic-style legwarmers; Only uses white body-paint; [2 undetermined]

[[Mecalreealoni was created with a quasi-house rule that said non-humans should only have -30 points in Disads, so she lost a quirk . . . ]]


Irari-17, Kestralian (fairly common race, M/A)-15 (0.5), New Garavaran (humans; M/A)-15 (0.5), Thral (common race, M/A)-15 (0.5), Unar (common race, M/A)-15 (0.5)


Astrogation-12, Beam Weapons (Stunner)/TL11-12 (0.5), Biochemistry/TL11-15 (2), Chemistry/TL11-15 (1), Computer Operation/TL11-16 (0.5), Diagnosis (Avian)/TL11-15, Diagnosis (Mammalian)/TL11-14, Diagnosis (Reptilian)/TL11-14, Ecology/TL11-15 (1), El. Ops. (Medical)/TL11-16 (1), Electronics (Medical)/TL11-15 (1), First Aid (Avian)/TL11-19, First Aid (Mammalian)/TL11-18, First Aid (Reptilian)/TL11-18, Flight-11 (2), Free Fall/TL11-10 (1), Genetics/TL11-15 (1), Genetic Engineering/TL11-14 (0.5), Mathematics-14 (0.5), Naturalist-16 (2), Physician (Avian)/TL11-19 (8), Physician (Mammalian)/TL11-18 (6), Physician (Reptilian)/TL11-18 (6), Piloting (Space Shuttle)/TL11-12, Planetology (Earthlike)/TL11-17 (2), Psychology (Human)-14 (0.5), Psychology (Irari)-14 (0.5), Psychology (Unar)-14 (0.5), Physiology (Avian)/TL11-15 (1), Physiology (Mammalian)/TL11-14 (1), Physiology (Reptilian)/TL11-14 (0.5), Research-15 (0.5), Surgery (Avian & Reptilian)-16 (4), Surgery (Mammalian)-15 (2), Teaching-12, Veterinary/TL11-15 (1), Xenobiology (Terrestrial)-18 (4), Xenology-14 (0.5), Zoology-15 (1)

[3D-Spatial Sense bonuses to Flight and Free Fall may not be computed in yet. I know the Free Fall gets a +2 above this level, but am not sure about Flight. Piloting and Astrogation bonuses have been calculated.]



Mecalreealoni becomes a low-tech physician (if Irari are in the campaign), and possibly an alchemist and/or Healing mage (low magery - maybe even a single level of One-College: Healing magery!).


I suppose Irari researchers could land on the planet or something . . .

Near Future

Mecalreealoni is more likely to be a genetically engineered biological android, created by a megacorp and a virtual slave. The question is, does Meca care? Does Meca even notice?

Mecalreealoni ("Student of Biological Processes in Vertebrate Lifeforms") is an Irari who specilizes in things medical - primarily Avian (i.e., Irari; there are no other major bird-like races in the sector), but is not shabby with mammals (like humans, Kintarans, Sparrials, etc.) or reptiles (like Unars, or Kaa - should one be so gracious as to become a research subject . . . ).

Meca will eventually do a bit of teaching (of her (or his) own kids, if nothing else), but first he (or she) has to go out and do a comprehensive survey of the races in the sector and create a masterwork . . . . At least Meca won't get lost doing it! (3D Spatial Sense is useful, even it is just a weird skew on an otherwise specialized medical type.)

Typical Quotes:

"Say 'Ahhh'!"

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