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Nameless Character #3

TL11 ESPer Archaelogist

Total: 99.5 points (0.5 points unspent, basically)


(-10) ST 9
(10) DX 11
(60) IQ 15
(0) HT 10

Advantages: (52 points)

ESP Power 16 (includes Danger Sense), Language Talent +2.

Disadvantages: (-40 points)

Absent-mindedness, Honesty, Space Sickness, Stubbornness.

Quirks: (-5 points)

Code of Honor: Professors' (Protect knowledge, teach others); Violently denies being psi; Sense of Duty: Students; (Secretly) Likes Reptiles*; Always carries Indiana Jones-style whip.


New Garavaran-17, Unar (common M/A alien language)-16 (0.5), Godling (Dead Alien Language, M/H)-15 (0.5), [some other M/H dead language]-15 (0.5).

Psi Skills:

Clairaudience-12 (0.5), Clairvoyance-13 (1), Combat Sense-12 (0.5), Precognition-15, Psychometry-14 (2), Seekersense-15 (4).

Normal Skills:

Anthropology-13 (1), Archaeology-17 (8), Architecture/TL6-13 (0.5), Architecture (Godling)/TL7-13 (0.5), Architecture (Human)/TL8-13 (0.5), Area Knowledge (Sector)-14 (0.5), Artist-12 (0.5), Astronomy/TL11-12 (0.5), Beam Weap. (Sonics)/TL11-12 (0.5), Beam Weap. (Electrolaser)/TL11-12 (0.5), Climbing-11 (2), Computer Operation/TL11-14 (0.5), Diplomacy-12 (0.5), Driving (Car)-10, El. Ops. (Sensors)/TL11-13 (0.5), Engineer (Primitive Machines)/TL7-12 (0.5), Fast-Talk-14 (1), First Aid/TL11-14 (0.5), Geology/TL11-12 (0.5), History-14 (2), Leadership-13 (0.5), Linguistics-13 (0.5), Literature-12 (0.5), Mechanic (Primitive Machines)/TL8-13 (0.5), Photography/TL11-10, Planetology (Earthlike)/TL11-14 (1), Professional Skill (Freight Handling)-13 (0.5), Savoir-Faire-14 (0.5), Scrounging-14 (0.5), Teaching-15 (2), Traps/TL7-14 (1), Whip-10 (1), Writing-13 (0.5), Xenology-12 (0.5).

(I have completely forgotten why I gave him Freight Handling. Perhaps it was so he could load and unload his own gear.)



Psi sounds fun to me . . . If it's not your idea of useful, make him a scholar-mage and teacher, specializing in the Knowledge College. The spell from Grimoire, Images of the Past, should probably be at a high skill level . . . The dead cities he investigates will be built by a different race, of course. Literacy becomes an advantage.

Modern and Near Future:

Change the tech levels of the skills, and the dead cultures that he investigates.

[Godlings were an alien race that had the delusion "We are the children of the gods." They also had +6 racial bonus to IQ, and were working on breeding programs to make themselves even smarter. For various reasons, they did not survive when the campaign used a little time-travel and changed the past.]

* Usually has the 3 Indiana Jones movies at the end of a semester - watch & make snide comments about technique. Despite carrying whip, really likes snakes & reptiles and such (much to the consternation of prankish students who have just taken great pains to conceal a snakely thing in their teacher's desk/podium/office/whereever, only to find that it is greeted with "Well, hello there! Where'd a cute little snakie like you come from?").

Typical Quotes:

"This was a cloth used in ritual anointing of the tentacles. Yes, it hung next to the washcloth used for daily cleaning - but they're different! See the traces of perfume left on this one?"

"This is definitely a hoax. It was made by five grad students in their dorm room."

"I'm just very good at noticing the small details, I guess."

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