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Dee Morel

near future (human) cat burglar

Total: 100
[Created by David Hadar]

Dee is a beautiful 25-year old woman, with black hair and green eyes. Her height is 170 CM and she has a slim body build. Her everyday clothes scream "have sex with me." On the job, she wears tight black bodysuit.


ST 7
DX 15
IQ 12
HT 10

Advantages (31 points):

Acute Vision (+2; 4 points); Appearance: Beautiful (15 points); Contact: Street fixer, Effective Skill: 15 (Connected) (+2), Frequency: Fairly often (9 or less) (*1), Reliability: Somewhat (*1) (2 points); Cyber: Eye: Light Intensify (10 points)

Disadvantages (-40 points):

Compulsive Carousing (-5 points); Compulsive Spendthrift (Mild) (-5 points); Enemy: Big corp, Frequency: Rarely (6 or less) (*1/2), Size: Large Group(20 to 1000) (-30) (-15 points); On the Edge (-15 points)

Quirks (-4 points):

Eats ice cream for breakfast; Likes Jewels; Loves heights; Trademark: leaves kisses on mirrors


Level  Points   Skill
  13      1.0    Acrobatics
  12      1.0    Acting
  12      0.5    Area Knowledge (new Yurk)
  14      1.0    Climbing
  11      2.0    Computer Hacking
  11      1.0    Detect Lies
  13      2.0    Disguise
  13      2.0    Electronics Operation
  13      1.0    Escape
  14      4.0    Fast-Talk
  13      1.0    First Aid
  11      1.0    Forgery
  13      0.0    Guns
  12      1.0    Holdout
  13      1.0    Judo
  14      2.0    Karate
  14      0.5    Knife Throwing
  14      4.0    Lockpicking
  13      1.0    Pickpocket
   9      1.0    Running
  11      2.0    Sex Appeal
  11      0.0    Shadowing
  15      2.0    Stealth
  12      1.0    Streetwise
  11      0.0    Swimming


Attributes: 80 points
Advantages: 31 points
Disadvantages: -40 points
Quirks: -4 points
Skills: 33 points
Total: 100 points



You always need a good cat burglar. Just remove the cybereye and add Social Stigma: woman. Change TL skills.


Same as fantasy. I don't know about the Social Stigma, you decide.


Same as before. Maybe lose the eyes, maybe not. You can add some more TL skills and starship skills. She might be a good friend of Silver's (they both have some of the same problems and open minds).


Dee Morel was born at 4/3/2005; her mother gave her up for adoption when she was 2. She lived in foster homes until she was 14, when she ran away and became a pickpocket. She was caught by a employee at Bigcorp Inq who saw the potential in her and the corporation trained her to be a cat burglar for them. She worked for them 6 years and then quit; they took it as an insult (now they are her enemies).

Now Dee works for herself in stealing mainly information and tech. She feels sorry for herself and she deals with that by over-spending and partying. She does what she does not only because she likes the money, but for the excitement. She takes pride in her looks. The only time she does not hate herself is when she's doing a job or showing off herself.

Typical Quotes:

"Life sucks but you better enjoy it."
"Give me your screwdriver."
"I have some time to kill - want to have sex with me?"

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