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Lion Smith (evolved)

Ultra-tech Mage

Point Total: 355.5
House Rule: All spells follow the point systems of other mental skills, meaning you can put a half point in them. They otherwise are pretty much the same. No actual errors in the spells, just that the GM was convinced I was right on the skill level when I bought them, or I've improved them through practice, without need of spending points. Spells require no spell throwing skill; the degree of the success of the spell will determine wether you hit the intended area or not.

Name: Lion Smith (pronounce Lee Own, with a heavy french/cajun accent)
Appearance: Cajun, 6'0", 175 lbs. Has fiery red hair, wears a fiery red hoaded cloak, and has fiery red eye pigment. Wears an occult medallion/clasp about his neck, and wears mask and hood and dark visor, concealing his appearance. Is often seen with a red slug with black spots on it.


ST: 12; 20 with cybersuit (20)
DX: 15 (60)
IQ: 15 (60)
HT: 11 (10)
Points: 150


Alertness Lvl. 2 (10)
Magery Lvl. 2 (25)
Eidetic Memory Lvl. 2 (60)
Rapid Healing (5)
Acute Hearing Lvl. 1 (2)
High Pain Threshold (10)
Language Talent Lvl. 1 (2)
Weapon Master: Force Sword (25)
Mana Enhancer Lvl. 1, self only (25)
Natural Spellcaster (15)
Second Sight (5; came from rebel training, making the cost 5 instead of 2)
Interface Jack (10)
Telescopic, Retracting, Butting Horns (5)
Total: 194


Odious Personal Habit: Tuneless humming (-5)
Secret: Identity of Enemy (-5)
Physical Sadism (-15)
On the Edge (-15)
Enemy (-10)
Mild Agoraphobia (-10)
Total: -60


Likes Mr. Goodbar
Loves Slugs
Hates ties
"There's a plug in the bottom of the ocean"
Likes building models
Total: -5


Force Sword Lvl. 17 (8)
Force Shield Lvl. 17 (4)
Karate Lvl. 15 (4)
Poisons Lvl. 19 (3)
Research Lvl. 16 (1)
Beam Weapons Lvl. 15 (1)
Stealth Lvl. 15 (2)
Scrounging Lvl. 19 (2)
Lip Reading Lvl. 20 (3)
Ventriloquism Lvl. 17 (2)
Hypnotism Lvl. 19 (3)
Occultism Lvl. 18 (2)
Chemistry Lvl. 17 (2)
Camouflage Lvl. 17 (1)
Disguise Lvl. 16 (1)
Shadowing Lvl. 16 (1)
Traps Lvl. 16 (1)
Interrogation Lvl. 16 (1)
Intelligence Analysis Lvl. 16 (1)
Detect Lies Lvl. 17 (2)
Fast Talk Lvl. 16 (1)
Tactics Lvl. 20 (3.5)
Total: 49.5

Spells (no grimoire in our group)

Ignite Fire Lvl. 17 (1)
Create Fire Lvl. 17 (1)
Shape Fire Lvl. 17 (1)
Fireball Lvl. 17 (1)
Cold Lvl. 17 (1)
Heat Lvl. 17 (1)
Extinguish Fire Lvl. 19 (1)
Resist Fire Lvl. 19 (1)
Summon Fire Elemental Lvl. 19 (1)
Control Fire Elemental Lvl. 18 (.5)
Create Fire Elemental Lvl. 18 (.5)
Lend Strength Lvl. 17 (1)
Lend Health Lvl. 17 (1)
Minor Healing Lvl. 17 (1)
Recover Strength Lvl. 20 (1)
Awaken Lvl. 18 (.5)
Major Healing Lvl. 17 (.5)
Summon/Bind Lesser Demon Ritual Lvl. 12 (--); comes from Cthulu game
Create Air Lvl. 19 (1)
Purify Air Lvl. 16 (.5)
Shape Air Lvl. 19 (1)
Walk on Air Lvl. 19 (1)
Predict Weather Lvl.18 (.5)
Clouds Lvl. 18 (.5)
Lightning Bolt Lvl. 18 (.5)
Rain Lvl. 18 (.5)
Purify Water Lvl. 18 (.5)
Seek Water Lvl. 18 (.5)
Create Water Lvl. 18 (.5)
Destroy Water Lvl. 19 (1)
Summon Water Elemental Lvl. 19 (1)
Control Water Elemental Lvl. 19 (1)
Create Water Elemental Lvl. 19 (1)
Seek Earth Lvl. 18 (.5)
Light Lvl. 18 (.5)
Total: 27

(On Lion's spell list, I put in parenthesis something to the effect of our group has no grimoire. I mean this both ways. We don't have, as a roleplaying group, the GURPS Grimoire book, and I don't believe any of our characters has a grimoire on them, either. The first meaning is the one I intended.)


Blast rifle
Laser rifle
Force sword
Force shield
Magical spear (stats currently unknown)
Gravity Pad
Various Occult books
Forearm computer
hiking backpack
survival basics
3 changes of wardrobe
laptop computer
Magic Wand: Casts Major Healing
Magic Ring: Casts Breathe Water (this one subject to change)
Force baton
Force staff w/ 20 ft. reach
Pen Sword
1 pound cyanide
4 pound water hemlock
6 pound homobatrachotoxin
2 pound various organic poisons
7 C-cells
1 pound HCl gas
Dark visor
Fiery red hooded cloak
2 pound pure lithium pills
cell phone
Trap making/detection tools
Disguise kit
Energy Cloth
Utility belt
Toop crystal arm greaves (adds no encumbrance or movement restrictions; DR 10, PD?, suppose to be indestructible, radiation proof, etc.)
Toop crystal leg greaves (see above)

Character Story (pretty much):
Lion hails from a earth where technology is quite high, and the typical mana area is also high, allowing for a powerful combination. Born a second class citizen near present day New Orleans, Lion was bullied throughout school because of his superb academic abilities. He was recognized as a potentially powerful mage early in his life, but he never really liked focusing on just his magical trainings, and thus spent time developing other skills. However, he was smart enough to memorize all magical ruins in his grimoire, allowing him to travel without a grimoire, and needing about 1 day worth of restating the spell in his mind to be able to use it normally. Lion's path through diversity lead him into the spying business, where is talents assisted him in earning a living, and allowing him to buy the high technology items he has. He did pick up an enemy however, who through odd twists of fate and probability, is able to follow him around regardless of when or where he is.

Lion's dabbling in the spy business also lead him to develop the almost annoying habit of wearing face coverings, a habit which has become increasingly more frequent as he becomes more of an "outcast."

Noone in his group has yet seen his face, much less knows his hair or eye color.

Now, on the subject of toop: After he . . . um, his group accidentally crashed the "deathstar-like" moon into the middle of what would be present day Russia on his Earth, a slight change in the world occured.

The typically cataclysmic effect of a 2 mile deep moon sized crater in the middle of earth was rectified by the huge number of priests, who cast spells such as purify air. A religious war had also errupted between the Knights Templar (consisting of religions/ troops such as: protestant shock troops, chatholics, christians, jews) and the Luciferian Order (the basic opposite of the above), all spawned by a simple proverb. Attempts to join the Knights Templar were unsuccessful. Lion's red clothing and occult medallion kind of ruined his chances, and the Knights wouldn't let asians join, severely annoying Anoku (a group member). So, Lion and the group headed out to join the Luciferians. Late that night, the Luciferians summoned an incarnation of satan, who put the moon back into the sky (not heeding the chances of possible surivivors still onboard) and corrected any other problems created by the falling.

The next day was a battle between the Luciferians and the Knights, in which Anoku succeeded in blowing up an entire batallion of Templar, quickly ending the battle. Later on, Poot would wield the power of his improbability field (Poot is Anoku's and you'd have to wait for Anoku's stat to be sent in to get the digs on Poot). Of what mattered to me, Poot changed my house from the bistro he had turned it into earlier, back into a house (didn't bother with talking about beginning of this adventure, take a wild guess at the occurences). I started towards it, when a red slug with black spots on it appeared on Anoku's shoulder. Originally, it was assumed to be the normally grey poot, just having eaten some food coloring, again. It soon revealed itself to be not poot, but toop, who soon became my "pet." Toop has the ability to create virtually indestructible crystals from nothingness, and can turn his own body into crystals, and can then make the crystals disappear.

Lion is currently in a campaign of a mixed D&D and ultratech Gurps Scenario. The gurps characters, including ourselves, were summoned by D&D people, although the fact that basically every person refused to serve the summoners, they kept summoning more and more people. It can be annoying trying to kill a D&D dragon, or worse yet, a dracolich, but it can be done with time and patience, plus it earns you lot of experience. You basically get a minimum of a half point gurps experience for killing even the weakest monster, and many more for the tougher ones.

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