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Evan Wanderfoot

Merchant / Spy

[Created by, using 2nd ed rules]
Total: 100 points

Appearance: 5'9", 145lbs., brown hair&eyes, well-dressed man


(-10) ST 9
( 30) DX 13
( 30) IQ 13
(-10) HT 9
Thrust 1-2, Swing 1-1, Speed 5.5, Move 3, Reaction +0/2

Advantages (60 points):

Voice, Alertness +2, Danger Sense, Empathy, Literacy, Wealth: Wealthy

Disadvantages (-40 points):

Overconfidence, Duty (to employer, -15), Self-defense Only

Quirks (-5 points):



Acting-13 (2), Crossbow-12 (0.5), Detect Lies-14 (0.5), Diplomacy-12 (0.5), Disguise-12 (1), Escape-12 (2), Fast Draw (Sword)13 (1), Fast-Talk-12 (1), Fencing-15 (8), Lockpicking/TL3-12 (1), Merchant-13 (2), Riding (Horse)-12 (1), Savoir-Faire-14 (0.5), Shadowing-11 (0.5), Stealth-12 (1), Streetwise-12 (1), Swimming-12 (0.5), Area Knowledge (NE Caithness/West Megalos)-13 (1)

Weapons & Possessions:

Sabre: $400, 2#
. . cut 1d-1
. . impale 1d-1
Small pouch: $10, 0#
Personal basics: $5, 0#
Chain mail PD 2/1 DR 4/2: $550, 45#
ST 9 Crossbow: $150, 6#
. . impale 1d+2
. . . (2nd ed stats: PB 5, Inc 14, 1/2 180, Max 225 )
. . . (3rd ed stats: SS 12, Acc +4, 1/2Damage 180, Max 225 yards)
Quiver+bolts: $30, 1#
Tent (4 pers), 2 6' poles: $160, 36#
2 lg. wineskins, 20yds hvy rope: $110, 12#
Crash kit (+2 to F.A.): $100, 10#
4 blankets, shovel: $110, 26#
Group basics: $50, 20#
Lantern, 3 pts. oil: $26, 5#
1 week's trail rations for 4: $160, 40#
Cart+horse: $2,000, -156#
Coins: $0, 0#
Equipment Totals: $3,861; 47#



A private investigator, probably, with a fondness for going undercover. Swap Riding (Horse) for Driving (Car) (unless he's an Old West bounty hunter!), Crossbow for Guns (Pistol), Fast Draw (Sword) for Fast Draw (Pistol), and consider splitting the points from Fencing between Brawling and Knife. Area Knowledge and TL adjust to whatever you want them to be.

Near Future:

Either a private investigator (similar conversions as Modern), or a corporate spy. Mostly use the Modern conversions and adjust for TL. Add some modest cyberwear, probably.


Same as Near Future; consider adding Free Fall and Xenology, if appropriate.

A wandering merchant who does a little spying on the side, or maybe vice versa. Considering his wealth-level, he's good at what he does . . .

No intended relation to Cyndra Wanderfoot, the half-elf bard, though you could make them cousins or half-sibs (on the human side) or something.

From the convention-game he was designed for . . .

"You are a relatively wealthy trader. Unknown to the others in the group, you also are a part-time spy (well, information-gatherer, really) for Lord Tyndall, which is what got you into this. You do not have to conceal this fact from the rest of the group, but it would probably be better if you did not have to - what they don't know can't hurt you.

"You will trade in anything, but you mostly deal in spices, herbs used in healing and magic, perfumes, potions, and glassware - stuff with high value for the room it takes up. You travel over northeastern Caithness and western Megalos, and know a fair bit about the area [your Area Knowledge skill]. This includes such things as where the acceptible inns are, various business contacts (healers, wizards, alchemists, and upper-class households), and how to deal with Megalan officials (bribery, mostly). You also possess permits to wear chainmail and to carry weapons not normally permitted in Megalos. These permits cover yourself and up to two guards.

"Since it is spring, you currently do not have much stock of spices and herbs left, but you have a couple of potions (sleep and healing), some perfume, and some glassware in your inventory (about $700 total value). You also have some 10 gallon kegs of rather good Caithness beer (a couple of these are reserved to bribe border and town guards). You normally carry about $500 in gold and silver coins concealed in your wagon (for use in bribing officials for permits, as well as purchasing stock). You may use this to purchase anything else you wish (most necessary equipment for traveling is already paid-for and listed on your character sheet).

"You occasionally sponsor herb-gathering expeditions to obtain some of your stock. These normally run to a couple of guards, a couple of people versed in herb-lore (usually lesser mages, healers, or the like), and a woodsman or ranger. You also sometimes let other people travel with you (for their protection). The cover story for this expedition is an herb-gathering trip.

"Advantages, Disadvatages: You are very observant [Alertness +2 gives you vision and hearing rolls of 15]. You are also very sensitive to peoples' attitudes and behavior [ Empathy], and have a good speaking voice [Voice], both of which help in you business. As a merchant, you can read and write [Literacy], so you can keep accounts. You also sometimes get this funny feeling just before something bad happens [Danger Sense], which gives you a chance to meet it prepared. On the down side, you are cocky about your abilities [ Overconfidence], and you are in the employ of Lord Tyndall as a spy, which is obviously a bit dangerous [Duty]. You also do not like to start fights (it's bad for business), but will fight to defend yourself, if necessary [Self-defense Only].

"Skills: Your skills are basically divided into three groups: skills used in your business, fighting skills, and skills useful in spying. These groups overlap to some extent. Your business skills are: Acting, which lets you feign attitudes and lie convincingly;Area Knowledge (NE Caithness & West Megalos), described above; Diplomacy, which helps you determine the proper approach when negotiating with others; Fast-Talk, which lets you con others into a temporary course of action (a roll on this skill can be used in place of a reaction roll); Merchant, the skill dealing with commercial negotiations and determination of value of goods (also gives a +1 on reactions when trading); Riding (Horse), a necessary skill for any traveling trader; Savoir-Faire, a skill for getting along in high society (may also be used in place of a reaction roll in such situations); and Swimming, a useful survival skill for one who travels a great deal.

"Your fighting skills are Crossbow; Fast-Draw (Sword), which permits you to draw and attack in the same turn with a successful skill roll; and Fencing, the use of foil, rapier, or saber, which allows 2 parries per turn, and allows you to attack to disarm (but your weapon may break if parrying a much heavier weapon).

"Your spying skills include: Acting (as above); Detect Lies, the ability to guess when people are lying to you; Disguise;Escape, the ability to escape from ropes and other bonds;Fast-Talk (as above); Lockpicking/TL3;Shadowing - following people in a crowd; Stealth, the ability to hide and move siliently, also used to follow someone in a non-crowd situation; and Streetwise, the ability to deal with and contact the more unsavory elements of society (may also be used in place of a reaction roll in appropriate circumstances)."

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