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GURPS Update – Cover

GURPS Update

Compiled by Steve Jackson and David Ladyman

80 pages. Softcover. * Suggested Retail Price $5.95
Stock number 6024 * ISBN 1-55634-132-6
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When the Third Edition of the GURPS Basic Set came out, it was a massive rewrite. There were far too many changes for a simple revision sheet. And while we hoped that everybody would want to buy the new edition, we couldn't very well demand it.

Therefore, this Update. It includes, as best as we were able to judge, all the significant rules changes, additions and deletions between the Second Edition and the Third.

So this book brings the user "up to speed" with the most current version, as of February 1989, of the GURPS system:

  • The new advantages, disadvantages and skills.
  • Lots of assorted rule changes and clarifications.
  • The Fright rules which originally appeared in GURPS Horror.
  • New and revised charts and tables.
  • The new ranged-weapon rules.
  • The new job and income rules.
  • Revised ranged-weapon charts from GURPS Space, Humanx, Horror and Japan, to bring them up to Third Edition speed.
  • And four complete chapters, including Magic and Psionics, that weren't in the Second Edition at all. Much of that material appeared in earlier worldbooks; some of it is brand new. We decided it was all "basic" enough to belong in the Basic Set, so here it is.

This is NOT a complete game or worldbook. The GURPS Update is provided as a service to GURPS players. It is ONLY useful if:

  1. you have the Second Edition, and don't plan to buy the Third Edition soon; or
  2. you want an extra set of Magic and Psionic character creation rules; or
  3. you have the Third Edition, but want documentation of all changes . . .

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