Game Design by Steve Jackson * Illustrated by Alex Fernandez

Everybody loved the giant foam Cthulhu Dice set that we made for convention demos! They begged and pleaded. It was driving us mad. Mad, I tell you!

So we gave in and made enough for everybody.

It's a 4" foam 12-sided die, with tentacles, Elder Signs, and Great Cthulhu himself. It's SQUISHY!

Giant Cthulhu Dice comes in four different colors. Instead of the glass beads that the original set used for Sanity, Giant Cthulhu Dice includes 18 "silly bands" in the shape of Great Cthulhu himself! Put them on your wrist, or your tentacle, or wherever you want. Go crazy!

Keep Giant Cthulhu Dice in your backpack and drive your friends mad outdoors, waiting in line . . . It even floats, not that there's any way you can tell which side is up in the pool. But don't let that stop you!

Warehouse 23 Exclusive Dice

*Available exclusively through Warehouse 23.

Giant Cthulhu Dice



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