AADA Charter Application

Proposed Name of Club __________________________________________________________
Second Choice __________________________________________________________________
(The second choice is provided in case two clubs choose the same name.  If that
happens, the first request will receive the name and others will be assigned
their second choice.)

Type of Chapter:
     ____ Private
     ____ Individual
     ____ Sponsored

Name of President ______________________________________________________________
Address ________________________________________________________________________
City _____________________________ State _______________________ ZIP ___________
Phone Number (optional) ________________________________________________________
Email address __________________________________________________________________
Do you have a club web page?  URL: _____________________________________________

                         Names of Other Club Members
        1. ______________________________________________________
        2. ______________________________________________________
        3. ______________________________________________________
        4. ______________________________________________________

               (Continue if necessary on another sheet of paper.)

Sponsoring store or other organization (required for sponsored chapters):

Name of Store __________________________________________________________________
Contact at Store _______________________________________________________________
Address ________________________________________________________________________
City _____________________________ State _______________________ ZIP ___________
Phone Number ___________________________________________________________________

The undersigned, on behalf of the applying club, agrees that:
  (a) His or her name may be included in a listing of AADA clubs and presidents
      to be published from time to time by the AADA;
  (b) That the club will abide by the rules and regulations published in
      Autoduel Quarterly Volume 2 Issue 1 and those that may be
      added later in the best interest of all duellists;
  (c) The club will not use the AADA name or logo, or permit others to use
      it, except on official club announcements, newsletters, or in such other
      fashion as may be approved by Steve Jackson Games Incorporated;
  (d) That every club is an independent organization, governed by its members
      within the rules and regulations mentioned above, and not an agent or
      subsidiary of Steve Jackson Games Incorporated.

Signature of Club President __________________________________ Date ____________

Don't forget the $15.00 charter fee ($5.00 fee for individuals).  Payable in
U.S. dollars on a U.S. bank only.

Send this form and your payment to the AADA, Box 18957, Austin TX 78760.

AADA is a registered trademark of Steve Jackson Games Incorporated.  All rights